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Tim Cook, Profits, Gay Rights and Hypocrisy!

Open Letter to Tim Cook:

“Our message, to people around the country and around the world, is this: Apple is open. Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love. Regardless of what the law might allow in Indiana or Arkansas, we will never tolerate discrimination.” (Tim Cook)


On any other day I would say to my fellow Auburn alum, War Eagle! But today is not that day. I see you recently said you will not allow business travel from your employees going to Indiana over its passing a Religious Freedom Act (which 19 states including TX, CT, IL, PA, VA, FL and AZ). Are you boycotting those states from business travel from your employees? Better yet, why aren’t you boycotting China? How religiously tolerant are the Chinese govt and it’s police state? Going to boycott there anytime soon? I am going to reason to say NO! But why wouldn’t you? Could it be because you derive about 80% of your profits given you manufacture most of your products there for dirt cheap (using slave labor) then sell them around the world for sky-high prices. And let’s not forget that growing consumer base of communists purchasing your products. Hypocrite?

“The success in China helped push Apple to a blockbuster first quarter, increasing overall profit to $18 billion and revenue to $74.6 billion. In the same quarter a year ago, the company had profit of $13.1 billion and revenue of $57.6 billion.” Yeah, I can see why you won’t be pulling out of that anti-gay, no religious freedom country anytime soon. Hypocrite?

What about in the other two Asian countries with a low tolerance for the LGBT community of Japan and South Korea? Would you dare pull business travel to those two counties as you try to bury Samsung (in lawsuits and market share) anytime soon? Guess not, seeing as how much of an increasing share Apple products are taking there. Hypocrite?

How about your growing market share in the middle east? Oh, we know they love the gay community there right? Wait, in four of the countries you sell Apple products isn’t being gay punishable by death (as a maximum sentence)?  Aren’t you still in talks to sell the iPhone in Iran? yeah, that’s a country who cherishes diversity and tolerance of the LGBT community. Right? Hypocrite?

I suppose your hard core intolerance for a state like Indiana where a small fraction of your profits come from is justified, to a liberal. But I guess you look the other way and become a greedy whore when it comes to your seemingly tolerant stance for doing business in those countries where there are “same-sex marriage” laws or laws against gays but where you derive most of your profits, right Mr. Auburn Tiger?

And apparently you couldn’t care less about religious freedom and the rights of those individuals. Especially in doing business in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Uganda and Indonesia to name a few where they clearly show little to no tolerance for the rights of gays OR Christians, Jews, or any other religious group that doesn’t adhere to their communist or religious ways. But I’m sure you stand up for Muslim’s religious freedom when they are made to be oppressed in the US. Right Tim? Here is a list of countries where homosexuality is either illegal or punishable by death. Here’s a list of countries where Apple sells their products. How many of these anti-gay/anti-religious freedom countries will you stop selling products in and cutting off business travel to? My guess, zero. Hypocrite?

So really how “tolerant” are you, Tim? I’m sure it’s all “good business” with “high value return” for the stock holder, the board and your bank account that drives your “tolerant” stance toward bowing to those Asian and Middle Eastern countries where its laws are far, far worse than the Indiana law (or the other 19 states and federal law on religious freedom acts) and being intolerant of someone you want to strong-arm to bend to your request for your groups special treatment. Where’s the occupy wall street crowd protesting your greedy hypocritical ways on this issue as you ship jobs overseas to make your products on the cheap taking advantage of slave labor? Crickets. Probably because as they post on twitter and update their snapchat & Facebook/IG pages they are doing so from an iPhone. They too, are hypocrites…but they enrich your pocket and stock portfolios. And since, it really comes down to money rather than principle, I will go out on a limb and state that you will continue to push your product in countries who think women are inferior, second class citizens and where the LGBT crowd are persecuted against with threats of violence and death. Oh, and since you are too busy to read the bill, the law does NOT allow for discrimination. It merely sets up a defense for someone who feel their religious beliefs were violated. Did you neglect to read that part while on your private jet flying around the world?

swastika cake







Back to your comment I opened up the letter with, since you claim that you won’t “tolerate discrimination”, I’m wondering, if a gay couple walked into a Muslim owned bakery in San Francisco and wanted a cake made for their wedding, and the Muslim business denied them that service who would you side with? The Muslim knowing they are devoutly against homosexuality per their religious beliefs or the gay couple? Better yet, if a Nazi walked into a Jewish bakery and requested a cake with a Swastika on it and the Jewish baker refused, would you side with the Nazi or the Jew? Who’s rights were violated and on what grounds? And you state that “Apple is open. Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love.” Just not in Indiana right? But you are open in the other 19 states. Hypocrite?

Your intolerance of other’s religious beliefs only serves to demonstrate that you are not tolerant (at least when you are here stateside) of other’s religious beliefs. You, like most on the left, want everyone brow beaten into submission of what YOU want others to be forced to accept. The great thing about capitalism is that people can boycott your products by not purchasing them. And others can begin purchasing your products, should they be able to afford those outrageously expensive prices. What’s also great about the Constitution (have you read it lately?) is that in the 1st amendment it grants religious freedom to ALL citizens. But I’m sure in your quick flip through the Cliff’s notes version that you just go right to the 14th Amendment which states that no person can be denied “equal protection of the laws”. However, that amendment uses the word “state” which courts have interpreted to mean corporations have protection under the Due Process Clause and equal protection. So who is equal when one party (or business) claims their religious beliefs are being violated while the other party is claiming their individual rights are being violated? You seem to adopt self-victimizing thugger to get your way. “Your freedom to be you, allows me freedom to be free from you”, to steal a great line from Andrew Wilkow.

So, from one Auburn alum to another, please be quiet when it comes to individual rights and equal protection. You clearly don’t know the meaning of the two but just want to use your power to force people to your way of thinking. Read the constitution (or is it outdated and needs to be scrapped as some elitist liberals like to say). And learn a thing about what “EQUAL rights” actually means and stop being the ultimate hypocrite by selling your products in countries that do not tolerate the LGBT community or other religious groups, while running your mouth here that you won’t “tolerate discrimination”.


Fellow Auburn Alum


4 comments on “Tim Cook, Profits, Gay Rights and Hypocrisy!

  1. Invisible Mikey
    March 31, 2015

    I’m just going to comment on that cake. Maybe it’s a test for fact-checkers. Since a Nazi swastika points in the opposite direction, and is also rotated at a 45 degree angle, what’s the problem? This is a cake with a Buddhist (or Jain) symbol meaning “auspicious good fortune”.

    • oracleofliberty
      March 31, 2015

      Yes thank you. For those of us who have traveled the world extensively and know that understand. Guess since that is the only thing you wanted to highlight meant the rest of the blog post was accurate and factual. Much appreciate your contributing!

    • CynicalGuy42
      April 17, 2015

      OK you’re correct, it’s actually not a Nazi cake because the swastika is in the wrong direction. But what if somebody actually were asking for a Nazi cake, like in his hypothetical example.

      • Invisible Mikey
        April 17, 2015

        What of it? It’s a cake, for God’s sake. I think it’s distinctly UN-Christian to “shun” other sinners, especially when they aren’t removing themselves from association with us because of OUR sins. If you don’t want to serve the entire public, get out of retail!

        I work as a medical assistant, and I have assisted in digging bullets out of gang members. I absolutely believe they are living an evil lifestyle. I am not given the option to withhold treatment, or behave any differently than with other patients. If you decide to serve the public, it means every single member of the public. The only exceptions are for inappropriate behavior (such as violence) toward the service provider.

        Businesses do not have speech or religious rights, even if the workers do.

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