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Six Ways to Change D.C. Overnight!

As we enter a new political era that “We the People” have allowed to spawn for at least 2 generations now, we are faced with a crisis. One in which if we don’t correct now will alter our constitutional republic forever. And the ‘last great hope for the world’ will be reduced to the trash heap of history. Future generations will look to what happened during our stewardship to see where it all went haywire.  The push toward a ‘common good’ (communist theme) began back during FDR’s administration and the progressives (of both parties) hijacked their parties platform to make a goal of trying to include everyone under their tent.  Problem is, you can’t keep expanding your tent to be inclusive just for sake of being inclusive.  It’s similar to constructing a house.  You originally develop the home based upon your current needs for a family and projecting what your future needs might be in order to be comfortable for the foreseeable future.  When you outgrow the house you either make additions to the foundation or you move to a larger home that will accommodate your needs. If you make too many additions the house becomes a parody of itself by having odd layouts, gaudy designs and it devalues the overall structure.

Democrats have embraced the Cloward Piven strategy of organized chaos in order to bring about forced socialism/communism. They make get what they bargained for but, in all likelihood, they will not be able to control the revolution that they usher in. You see this strategy now in full view at the border. President Obama chooses not to help patrol the border, offers no security measures for securing it and overturns immigration law encouraging those south of the border and terrorists abroad to please enter. Central American newspapers are encouraging their youngsters to flock here for free stuff. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was concluded in the near future to be at the behest of the Obama administration but will anyone actually come forward to shed light on this? This is doubtful given all the silence around the IRS/NSA/VA scandals and no whistle-blowers there.

What has happened to the GOP, in particular, is that they just try to pitch a larger tent and hope to shepherd everyone into the tent targeted in their outreach. The problem with this is it alienates those already residing under the tent. The GOP is in a state of lost identity with voters as they claim to stand for ‘law’ and ‘principles’ but anyone with common sense can clearly see they are as eager to regain power as the democrats are desirous to hold on to it. Seemingly any elected official cares only about two things, election and re-election. Republicans are a rudderless ship being cast about in a typhoon with no land for thousands of miles. The foundation that was laid in the Goldwater/Reagan era has been overtaken by “progressive” republicans who wish to line their pockets and spend to their hearts content. The Tea Party, oh the hated tea party, is trying to rein in spending and actually bring the Constitution back to the conversation but the establishment that still control the direction of the GOP, namely Karl Rove, Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, have vowed to crush the Tea-Party but to date, in primaries, it’s been a toss-up. If the GOP desires suicide, this is the tactic that will hasten its demise.

The Democrats on the other hand, pushed policy early on (decades ago) that would push people into their tent despite not truly wanting to be there upon first impressions. However, as policy grew to “give” and “promise” things to people, the democrat party forged that group into dependency upon the democrat party. So they lured people, more effectively than the GOP, into their tent with promises of a better tomorrow if only you continue to vote for them. What they don’t realize is that the democrat party elite are more like Baba Yaga from Hansel & Gretel.  They know they can’t deliver on the promises made so instead of openly admitting that they are leading them into the woods to fend for themselves, they just warm the ovens to eat them (metaphorically) for dinner.

Good libertarians and free thinkers who like are fond of individual freedom and personal choice want the following to occur:

  1. Term limits – We propose 12 years for Senate and Congress, whether consecutive or random. We would even endorse one presidential 6-year term so we remove the campaigning aspect that occurs in month 13 of a president’s term.
  2. Congressional/Presidential Retirement Plan – End taxpayer retirement benefits 24 months after leaving office. These politicians, especially presidents and heads of committee’s, make a lot of money after leaving office (not to mention milking taxpayers during their terms for lavish benefits and crooked deals).
  3. Insider Trading: It’s wrong for us but not congress. (See #2 above). They either should not be allowed to own stocks or they are subject to the same legal proceedings we would face.
  4. Lobbying:  establish a law that prohibits any congressperson from becoming a lobbyist, especially those who head committee’s overseeing regulation of an entire industry (see Tom Daschle, Dick Armey, Trent Lott, etc). So far there have been 416 Congressperson’s who have gone on to K Street and seen a drastic 1456% increase in pay. Yet, they still get benefits paid by you, the taxpayer. Shameful.
  5. Industry Oversight Train: Many former congresspeople skip the lobbyist’s train and instead just go work directly in an industry they had oversight control of.
  6. Live Under Laws Passed: When 1) the former head of the IRS, Tim Geihtner, cheats on his taxes; 2) Charlie Rangel (D), the former chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee cheats on his taxes, and 3) Harry Reid (D) breaks finance campaign laws (not to mention the Bundy Land grab that saw his partner get 2 years behind bars) or Marsha Blackburn (R) does the same, yet none have seen or will see a prison cell or have their accounts confiscated as any citizen would then you know it’s time to force congress to live under the laws they enforce upon us. And demand that we follow.

When will we as a citizenry demand more from our politicians for the person we send to D.C. directly reflects us as a society. So, from understanding that fact that as of this writing Congress’s approval rating is 12.7%, as analyzed by the poll average. But sadly, most voters will go to the poll and vote for their incumbent. Why? Well, they just hate to see the other guy that they think is more evil than the devil they know, win. Such a sad state of affairs in America when low information and spineless voters don’t want “change” but “hope” that other voters will vote to change their congressperson.

It’s a never-ending state of cannibalization yet unfortunately, it’s the elected official who knows that we, the citizen, is what’s on the menu. Let’s change how we vote this November and in 2016. Take our country back and vote your conscience!

What party will you vote for in your congressional race in November? Take our poll below.


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