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Are we equal? If so, to whom?

When I hear a liberal democrat or socialist progressive proclaim from their soapbox, podium or behind the microphone that we are all equal, I fully and unabashedly admit it makes me laugh. Not hilarity like I get from watching Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes (or any MSNBC commentator for that matter) chase their tail as they try and label the tea party or anyone who uses the word ‘Obamacare'(or myriad of other every day English vernacular) as racist; or their belief that conservatives are evil people who hate the poor simply because they believe that work fosters opportunity.  No, I laugh at the idiocy of the communist belief that equality can be forced upon a society.  They will not acknowledge the fact that God and Jesus said we are “created equal in the sight of God” but didn’t state that we will all be blessed with equal outcomes.  Because to do so alienates them from their secular ideology and makes them a pariah within the liberal establishment.  Instead they cling to the Statist anti-religious belief that somehow, somewhere in the cosmos this idea found its ideal genesis in man’s mind filtering into a heart felt compassion for all to be the same.  Nothing is further from the truth.  For if it was man’s ideal that we were all created equal then there would be no war, no envy, no greed and no competition amongst men.  We would all have finished first since the dawn of time. If we were all the same then caveman wouldn’t have given way to something superior capable of inventing combustible energy, indoor plumbing and something more than animal skins for cover. In fact, man would have remained equally miserable but without having the knowledge that something better existed they would have remained content and without greed or envy.  Equality doesn’t beget innovation. Without innovation there is not change. And without change there is no increase in quality of life.  Without greed none of the latter would exist. No one would desire and be cognizant of a fire happening at the press of a button, that a car would have replaced a horse. That a tractor and would have replaced a mule, donkey or oxen. That a super computer taking up hundreds of square feet would within 40 short years fit in the palm of your hand. Nope. If man were equal none of this would exist. If man were equal from the dawn of time then man wouldn’t have what he has today. Competition doesn’t exist because of equality, it exists because of inequality.

Case in point: I tell the story of two people.  They did not have equal upbringings, equal education, nor equal outcome but there was equal opportunity.  If we were equal in the way liberals speak of equality then you would have likely never known one of the men nor would you be reading a blog post by the other.  Earvin “Magic” Johnson was born in Flint, Michigan to hard working parents who were at best case lower middle class on the income scale to hear Earvin tell his story. I, too, was born lower middle class. We both had parents who were disciplinarians and strove for us to get an education. However, that is where the equality stops. I was a good point guard, could score, pass and loved to out hustle my opponent but I was limited in height, quickness, size and other skill sets needed to excel on the court. Magic, on the other hand, could do things with a basketball unseen for a kid his size likely ever. I cried myself to sleep nights praying that God let me be a professional basketball player, and I am quite positive Earvin did as well.  But the same opportunity wasn’t provided to us because our skills were different which preceded a different ambition and ultimately different futures for us both.  Had we been equal, either the world would have have heard of or been blessed with not only the basketball talents of such a legendary player, but neither would thousands of people likely been employed by his entrepreneurship and business acumen.  I am actually very satisfied and fulfilled that we are not equal since the world should not have been kept from experiencing what would come to be of Earvin “Magic” Johnson.  To me he is still the best basketball player to ever grace a hardwood.

Liberals want society to believe that his achievements come at my detriment and that somehow he owes me.  Only in liberal land do sports, entertainment and democrat legislators not fall into the latter somehow. No, they don’t owe anyone since they had a talent, a skill set, that separate them from us and that legislators adopting the liberal ideology are the only one allowed to rule with authority and lecture us about the benefits of a level playing field. If you are a banker, a tech titan or a conservative legislator you are in the position you are because you stepped on someone and created an uneven playing field in order to climb to the top “aka “You didn’t build that.”)  The height of hypocrisy.  Think of the seven deadly sins and you have progressivism on full display.  Pride. Anger. Lust. Envy. Gluttony. Sloth. Greed.

Let’s examine where is ‘man’ not equal, let me count (a few) of the ways:

We are not equal in circumstance at birth (if you are lucky enough to be born & to not be on the progressive chopping block of abortion).
We are not equal in access to happiness.
We are not equal in ambition.
We are not equal in character.
We are not equal in peace.
We are not equal in mental capacity.
We are not equal in parenting.
We are not equal in quality of life.
We are not equal in diet.
We are not equal in talents.
We are not equal in desire.
We are not equal in earnings (and yes Lily Ledbetter Act does NOTHING to advance this socialist ideal).
We are not equal in attractiveness.
We are not equal in our capacity to love (humans, animals or nature).
We are not equal in health.
We are not equal in where we live.
We are not equal in happiness, or sadness.
We are not equal in family.
We are not equal in investing.
We are not equal in fortune.
We are not equal in retirement.
We are not equal in outcome.
We are essentially NOT EQUAL in 99.9% of what life is all about.

Where we are equal is in that first breath we breath should we even be fortunate enough to survive childbirth. Where we are even more equal is that God created us, black, white, brown, yellow, from short to tall, from fat to skinny, from beautiful, to ugly and from phenom to ordinary. We are equal in the site of God. God loves us for what we are at birth and what we become in life. Nowhere in any Judeo/Christian writing does God/Jesus, or those lucky few personally selected by Jesus to spread his word to the world, state that everyone must be equal in anything of worldly desires or personal attributes. Neither does God ever teach that we are to have forced benevolence to those less fortunate than we. God teaches that man should love his neighbor and his enemy alike. He doesn’t say that you must make sure they have what you have and if they don’t that you must give up what is yours to give to them.  God does say that to enter the kingdom of Heaven you will be judged on how you treat others and whether you walked a path of goodness and righteousness as Jesus instructed.  God says to not love anything that is of the earth for this life is fleeting.  Yet, love what is heavenly, desire truth, have faith, hope and charity.  The greatest of these being charity (love).

To believe that man is forced to care for his neighbor by the tip of government spear is to completely dismantle His teachings.  And if a people are forced to care for others that they see as being lazy, complacent and entitled then it leads to animosity and bitterness.  Let’s have an honest conversation about those things we are equal in, which are few, and progress from there.  So as mentioned in the paragraph above, the things we are equal in is 1) the right to our first breath of air, 2) the opportunity to do good for others through Christ’s love, 3) the opportunity to succeed or fail on our own and not expect others to pick us up when we fall, 4) that we that are fortunate enough to be born will all die but mostly in different ways, and 5) that we try and leave a legacy of love for others to adopt and take with them through life.

If we foster a society built on envy and that one person didn’t succeed because someone else had more opportunity to do so, lends itself to the current state of America and the world we currently live in (see seven deadly sins above).  Does everyone wish that poverty didn’t exist and that everyone the world over had access to clean drinking water, abundant energy and clean air?  Of course. But the reality is these things have never been in equal abundance nor ever will be.  It’s not how the world works.  Living for the dream of a socialist Utopia where these things exist in equality is, well, a utopia. It sounds great on paper but isn’t a reality.  Heaven is Utopia so if we live for Heaven then there we will be fulfilled.  Love your neighbor and try and do good for them out of the kindness of your own heart and to your ability. Not because a liberal or progressive forces you to and makes you feel guilty if you don’t.  Forced benevolence isn’t love.  Not from the one demanding you give nor from the one giving. Remember, Jesus never forced Luke to stay behind in a village and heal the sick (he was a doctor) from what Biblical literature we are privy to.  Nor did Jesus force his apostles that were fisherman to teach others how to fish, in fact he didn’t force them to be fishers of men and spread the gospel.  He encouraged them and asked them do so.  Jesus encouraged charity to be spread willingly, freely.  From not expecting something in return and free from guilt or expectation of outcome.

If we live our lives encouraging others and trying to help others through natural kindness then we can move closer to the Utopian ideal that liberals and progressives try to force upon the world.  But to force one to do so is moving us further away from that ideal and toward ever mounting animosity toward one another.  Today’s leaders seem to encourage envy. They do so by spreading anger toward those who are ‘rich’. This creates a lust to take from those who have worked while they themselves are sloths but feel pride in entitlement. From the table they have not earned they are gluttons and become greedy in waste.

This is NOT the way God wanted humans to be. Maybe that is why we are seeing the ‘gnashing of teeth’ that foretells the end of days.  God gives us all free choice of that we do have equal opportunity.  If we embody the teachings of Judeo/Christian theology then we can correct the errors of our ways. There is only one equal outcome mankind is entitled to. Death!


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