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Five Years Removed from Hope and Change


Just 5 years ago the country was abuzz with optimism from a “new” kind of politician.  As a nation we were being led to believe that we would transcend typical party politics embodied in one man. Being reminded that there were “no blue states…no red states..only the United States”.  There was so much hope that many were stating with exuberance that the way of the past was about to change.  Five years into this feel good moment we have been left with an empty feeling, and an increasing ulcer like burning.  That cognitive dissonance feeling where you regret or question the item you just purchased at great expense.

If we are to be honest with ourselves it started out on the wrong foot from the beginning.  And no its not abour racism but don’t tell the liberal MSM that or the politicians with a “D” next to their name. When Barack Obama, with a quick tongue, said to John McCain as stimulus and budget items were being discussed with select Republicans and Democrats, “We won, you lost. Get over it”, anyone who may have been in doubt as to how Obama woud govern the nation suddenly understood that we did have a “new” kind of politician.  A politician that took on a Marxist view of the world and that only his way of governing would suffice. If you disagree with him then you would be vilified and castigated.  Disagree with dear leader and your seat at the table was vanquished and given to someone else that would comply with his ideology.  The military leaders are being purged in the same way currently. 

Having said that, what has become evident to most everyone who thinks logically and with a dose of common sense is that the Emperor indeed has no clothes.  Obama has been exposed as a fraud. A president who has zero leadership capabilities. A community organizer who couldn’t lead a protest against a child’s lemonade stand for violation of FDA code. From foreign policy blunders like Syria, Iran and Benghazi, to domestic blunders like the economy and jobs, a $17 trillion deficit (under Bush, Obama said $9 trillion was “unpatriotic”), obamaphones, Keystone Pipeline, gun control, inserting himself into the Trayvon Martin case, and the most epic fail yet, Obamacare.  His signature legislative piece passed 1) without one GOP vote in the House, 2) under very ominous and deceitful circumstances in the Senate, and 3) by stripping an a different HOUSE bill under a different name in its entirety that had passed the house overwhelmingly so they could vote on it without having to go back to the House and follow parliamentary procedure. Astonishing all of it but no one raised a fuss. He needed a rogue Chief Justice to invent law to keep it constitutional. And the implementation of the website has been as big a failure as Fisker, Solyndra and what is fast becoming Obama’s presidency.  Just today they are essentially admitting that Obamacare isn’t “Affordable” and is encouraging insurers to defy US Law (which Obama does daily) and extend certain policies initially said to not be in compliance.

What we are witnessing is a decline in approval of epic proportions. Obama’s approval ratings are at the lowest, at this point in a presidency, since Nixon. It’s safe to say that nothing will halt the slide now. Obama has lost credibility with the group that helped catapult him into the White House for both terms.  The 18-24 crowd.  What this group is unfortunately experiencing is few to no jobs, increasing insurance premiums, a decline in American standing in the world, a president who will target his domestic and foreign enemies akin to a totalitarian dictator (See GOP campaign donors, IRS, NSA spying, etc.), a country continually being divided by either sexual affiliation, sexual gender, color, age or income bracket, but also a president who only knows how to add more regulations to further stall economic growth and depress their chances at finding stable employment.  “Redistricution of wealth” is fast being seen as something that doesn’t work. The unemployed are realizing that the wealthy more easily control who works and who doesn’t. But liberal elites have been fairly successful in the past at making society feel that it was the employer who wasn’t hiring under the label of “greed” rather than seeing that government over-regulation diminished growth and therefore job opportunities. Minimum Wage is the most recent attack on employers but that also hurts first-time employees entering the job market and those that are less educated try to better themselves through increased job opportunity and experience.   Education is falling under Obama. Employment opportunities are disappearing to the younger generation. How does a newly graduated college student pay their student loans back with a temporary job?  But hey, it’s not all bad, your parents can now keep you on their insurance plan until you are 26..although the cost of that plan may make times tough for your parents (and their employer).

To highlight where the past 5 years has brought us is that his signature legislation is in serious trouble of collapsing under its own weight.  By its own doing. By the very people who had to “pass it so we can learn what is in it”. This likely will be seen in the first 6 month of 2014. The GOP should STOP with the “delay” talk. Let natural forces take over from here. What is even more alarming for Obamacare is that the uninsured, the very people the law was supposed to help, now disapprove of the law based upon recent polling.  Their feedback is that the law will not improve their quality of care, the insurancce is anything but affordable and they would like to see it thrown out and start over.  When the very legislative accomplishment your presidency is built around is imploding it exposes all the other scandals and failures that have dominated just about everything Obama and his staff have touched.  Let’s look at all the things “scandal” or “failure” under this administration: Benghazi, IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, NSA spying scandals exposed (thanks to Ed Snowden), over 100 golf rounds, outrageously expensive vacations the first family take, meeting with his jobs council just 6 times in nearly 2 years while claiming jobs was the most important thing to moving the country forward, the BLS lying/fudging of unemployment numbers, his pushing Reid to override 200+ years of Senate rules by overriding the filibuster so he can pack the DC court of appeals (ala FDR and SCOTUS), blatant lying in the lead up to Obamacare rollout about keeping your health plan, your doctor or lowering your premiums, and of course the true show of his hand with the “you didn’t build that” comment on the campaign trail.  This president has failed at everything he has pushed or gotten involved with.  Even Chicago got denied the Olympics despite Obama flying to Europe as a show of support for his beloved city as host.  He was able to win a Nobel Peace Prize for something he has now failed miserably on…killing innocent people.

Even his “equal pay for equal work” Lily Ledbetter bill was hypocritical. His White House, the DNC and his own campaign paid women an average of 18% less than men. So while signing this legislation and campaigning on it, he was living a lie. What did the media hellbent on his winning re-election have to say about it? Crickets. Good investigative journalism to hold Obama accountable. But bring up a “binder of women” and all hell breaks loose.

Over the next 3 years we will witness a sort of gnashing of teeth at the fact that anything the GOP does to prevent bad legislation from passing will be labeled by the left main stream media and hollywood liberals as ‘racist’ or “obstructionist” since when you have no basis for an argument then you always resort to using the race card and personal attacks.  What will play out over the next 3 years is the diminishing of respect for the first half black president ordained in 2008 with mountains of promise. Even Barbara Walters uttered a comment made shortly after he won election that “we thought that he was going to be…the next Messiah”. Wow! His platform of support from the lemmings was so thick. He could have executed upon his endless pledges to be above the fray and transcend partisan politics. But instead we are left with an ocean of failed policy and the lowering of tides (that he said he would stem the rise of – so that’s an accomplishment I guess right?) with all boats being swept out to sea.  The America that existed prior to 2008 is long gone.  It has been forever changed and only the people of this great nation can change it. Sadly it will likely come under the blanket of Revolution, hopefully a peaceful one.  For when a man like this president realizes he no longer has any vaibility in being able to lead and have people follow him, it will turn even nastier than we have witnessed the past 5 years.  Expect the next 3 years to be full of more vitriol, division, not less. And all out ideological war.  Which only serves to mean that we will be mired in mediocrity again barring a robust and demanding voice from the American electorate that demands Term Limits on all politicians and a break in the increasing corporatacracy.  Until then, we sleep in the bed we made.  Its up to us to change the sheets and fast. 

As Reagan said in his first inaugural address, “Well if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden. The solutions we seek must be equitable, with no one group singled out to pay a higher price”. He went on to say that there is one “special interest group” that must be singled out and that is “We the people…this breed we call Americans.”

So sweet dreams Americans. We created this. It’s up to us to end the nightmare. How will we leave America to our children? Broken and beaten? Or full of promise and potential. That last and greatest beacon of hope and bastion of freedom? I choose the latter. Who stands with me, undivided?


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