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Blacked out in Black America!

people-in-severe-poverty-skyrockets-under-obama-poverty-obam-politics-1339748034Five years ago there was no height that black America thought they couldn’t climb now that Barack Obama had been elected the leader of the free world.  He garnered nearly 96% of the black vote as a symbol of how many hoped that his change would bring them a new dawn.  Since the storm clouds were still gathering during his first term, blacks rushed back to the polls to provide Obama with 92% of the vote last November.  Oh how quickly the hoped for new dawn turned to the same dark & stormy sundown in such a short time.  These storm clouds are sure to lead to what seems inevitable…a Race War. Thomas Sowell lays it out poignantly in that article.

Kevin D. Williamson, writing in the the National Review this morning in an article title “Shocking Number” highlights just how bad things are for the average black family.  Things are at best the same, but under Obama’s leadership, things have actually regressed, dramatically.  What are some of these shocking stats: 1) The average black family has a household net worth of $4,955, which is poorer than the average family in India.  2) Their net worth is less than 5% of the average white household whose net worth exceeds $110,725.  At less than 5%, they are poorer, by way of average, than the typical black family living in South Africa’s apartheid era where they had at least 6.8% the wealth of their wealthier white families.  Is America operating under apartheid?  Not that I am aware of but I do live in a beach community in SoCal so perhaps I am insulated from the real world.

Lyndon Baines Johnson, the civil rights “hero” famously said, “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days, and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before: the political pull to back up their uppity-ness. We’ve got to give them a little something — just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.” Kevin goes on to point out these staggering statistics to highlight differences between black America and white America.  And you can’t blame this on “racism”. “Black Americans did not leave the party of Lincoln for the party of Joe Biden; they left the party of Herbert Hoover for the party of Franklin Roosevelt. Or at least they thought they did. What they got instead was the party of sky-high crime, dangerous and dysfunctional schools, a joblessness rate for black men that is more than twice the rate for white men at 14 percent and rising. Twice the unemployment, twice the high-school dropouts, four times the abortions, four times the HIV, seven times the prison sentences, twelve times the babies born with congenital syphilis, fourteen times the murder victims, and nineteen times the gonorrhea. All that and $4,955.”

It has often been said that the most dangerous place for blacks outside the womb is in any city under democrat control for decades.  The majority of the black population live in major cities generally corralled into public housing where there is little to no hope for upward mobility. Why?  The school systems are terrible (and run mostly by black superintendents and principals), the home is usually headed by a single mother, crime is rampant (yet Chief of police is usually black), respect for property is minimal and most occupants are also on other forms of government assistance, besides subsidized housing credits or assistance (local offices run by blacks). All of that makes for a blighted future which is on full display in the blighted community and all perpetuated by blacks.  Yet, blacks continue to vote for the democrat leaders who keep them enslaved to welfare and mediocrity.

Top 10 poorest big cities in 2010, all with democrat mayors (some for over 100 years) and run by democrats for at least 20 years, with the % living below poverty level is in parenthesis:
Detroit, MI  (32.5%) – now the largest municipal bankruptcy in American History, last republican mayor 1961 – 85% black/Hispanic population
Buffalo, NY (29.9%) – democrat mayor since 1954
Cincinnati, OH (27.8%) – democrat mayor since 1984
Cleveland, OH (27%) – democrat mayor since 1989 – 63% black/Hispanic population
Miami, FL (26.9%) – never elected a republican mayor
St. Louis, MO (26.8%) – democrat since 1949 – 53% black/Hispanic population
El Paso, TX (26.4%) – never had a republican mayor
Milwaukee, WI (26.2%) – democrat mayor since 1908
Philadelphia, PA (25.1%) – democrat mayor since 1952
Newark, NJ (24.2%) – democrat mayor since 1907 See a trend here?

Thomas Sowell, the unassailably black, southern born, Harlem raised, poverty bred and first of his family to be educated beyond the 6th grade and now a Hoover Institute Senior Fellow and Stanford Professor writes vociferously about the destruction of the black family and its root causes.  He pointed out in his book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals”, using factual evidence and connecting the dots (for those whose open mind allows reality and truth to enter), that “the war on poverty has been able to accomplish what slavery, Jim Crow laws, and other forms of discrimination has not: it has largely destroyed the black family.”

In 1963, 77% of black babies born were born to families with both a mother and a father.

In 2012, nearly 70% of black children are born out of wedlock.

Is it really “racism” that is destroying the black opportunity or is it opportunistic black leaders who pillory any white opponent saying they don’t understand the plight of black life and therefore do their best to paint them as a racist or insensitive to blacks.  When in reality, it’s the black leader who, without controlling the black vote, would be powerless to corral them into groupthink and continuing to cause them to be dependent upon their supposed benevolence acting as their “voice” against perceived white power.  When I read statistics like this and research voting records and political control by a party I am reminded of the definition of insanity.


4 comments on “Blacked out in Black America!

  1. Teamwork Coaching
    February 3, 2014

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    • oracleofliberty
      February 4, 2014

      I am not sure what you are trying to say? Not trying to be flippant at all, to me your comment makes no sense but I want to understand so I can properly respond. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  2. oracleofliberty
    August 14, 2014

    Reblogged this on Oracle of Liberty and commented:

    Blacked out in America!

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  3. Chad Bobo
    December 18, 2014

    This article puts numbers and cities to what many have complained about as it relates to the real injustices done to the black family.

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