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Social Media and Liberal “Tolerance”

It is ironic and sad commentary that we are continuously forced to believe that the “tolerant liberal” is accepting of everyone while the malevolent conservatives have a disdain for any opposing viewpoint.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Undoubtedly, there are those on the right who have dumb things to say, use foul language when in disagreement and/or personally attack someone of an opposing viewpoint.  As I will demonstrate below, the vindictive and merciless attacks toward those on the right of center from those left of it are interminable. Whether you wish to discuss race, abortion, equal pay, immigration, or the environment, a conservative or libertarian should prepare themselves for vicious attacks on their character, pedigree and who they associate with.

First let’s accept the myth that liberals are the “big tent” party and that they have a monopoly on compassionate understanding of your plight the most.  Second, if the first holds true then there is no need to add this post?  Because the Oracle was partially established to speak Truth to Myth across the political spectrum, we will venture to dispel this paradoxical and precarious myth in a continuous series of blog posts.

Now to demonstrate the intolerant “tolerance” of the left we will start with personal attacks that have come at our expense in the past.  In response to an email sent after the election results in November 2012 that referenced an article posted on Pravda, a communist media publication in Russia, this was the response I received: “This is what happens when u align yourselves w/ far right conservative…Christian whack jobs… The sh*t they said regarding rape and contraception is truly stuff I wouldn’t expect from villains in a Hollywood blockbuster. Hey far right f**king whackos…Put the bible down, And start doing some major soul-searching. Time to re-prioritize.” The irony here is that this person used foul language, patronized the Bible and then suggested ‘soul searching’.  Hmmm, but ok.  Having simply suggested that when a communist outlet with vast experience of communism is highlighting a ‘capitalist’ country’s slow decay into communism, that we may want to pay attention.  The commenter used it not to debate the merits or a particular disagreement with the points laid out in the article but rather to lambaste conservatives as a whole in a vitriolic fashion.  But, don’t tell a liberal progressive the truth as their pseudo-intellectualism can’t wrap their heads around having to defend a topic with fact, logic and deductive reasoning.

Next, Facebook is a playground for the pseudo-intellectual as it serves as a sanctuary from which to spew whatever logical inference they believe others should be subjected to.  Of course, the best is the facebook page for The Allegiant, which just this past week cut off all opposing comments to a post it posted about Trickle Down Economics.  We should know.  While in the middle of producing a comment to one of his responses disagreeing with our original comment, we were not allowed to provide any comments.  There were other comments we noticed were also taken down likely because Allegiant couldn’t defend their argument but most assuredly it was because they clearly are ‘tolerant’ of others viewpoints.

A liberal attorney (mostly synonymous I think) friend of mine posted a NYT article on “Common Core” which is subtitled “The Right-wing Campaign to keep America Stupid”.  I challenged the article and attached links from both a left and right leaning website/blog but that essentially came to the same conclusion.  The WaPo blog had a submission titled “The Common Cores Fundamental Trouble” which made this comment: “Of the 135 members on the official Common Core review panels convened by Achieve Inc., the consulting firm that has directed the Common Core project for the NGA, few were classroom teachers or current administrators. Parents were entirely missing. K–12 educators were mostly brought in after the fact to tweak and endorse the standards—and lend legitimacy to the results.”  From I attached Michael Schaus’s article from this morning titled Common Core Teachers Taught to Praise Wrong Answers Like ‘3×4 was 11′”.  I responded with commentary that highlighted the potential pitfalls of the “Common Core” policy initiative where kids are encouraged to just ‘try’ and focus less on being correct.  Place on top of that the actual fact that teachers ere only invited in to discuss Common Core AFTER its parameters and basic instruction had already been concluded and the parents’ participation wasn’t even considered as they were dismissed altogether.  In response to this basic challenge to the article he posted he responded this way:  “I refrain from commenting on your tea-partyesq postings, of which I agree with virtually none. Love you man, but please keep it off my page.”  Rather he seemingly streams a far left consciousness but when in the forum of intelligent banter he can wittingly claim to be an independent thinker but cannot possess enough rational thought to formulate a sound opinion rooted in fact.  This is fairly common of those on the left and their pseudo-intellectualism.  Lastly, rather than refuting anything said in opposition, in typical tyrannical fashion, he opts to shut down debate by essentially saying “You and your different opinions are not welcome here so please leave”.  And the left wonders why a ‘conversation’ can’t advance to a solvable discourse.  Just in this one sentence response this liberal friend makes a remark derogatory to some that demeans any contribution to the passing scene and rather than entering a discussion on anything he instead wishes to shutter debate altogether.

I debate far left liberals on most any day of the week.  Facebook, the comment sections of HuffPo, MSNBC, WaPo, coffee shops, airplanes, etc., basically anywhere I hear/read something that needs to be corrected or put in context.  And I always find it interesting that while these liberals proclaim the ‘big tent’ philosophy in their rhetoric, they are anything but accepting of others if you disagree with them.

Here is what liberals said of:

-Mitt Romney “Romney can suck a big d**k, & drown in acid.. live. then get hit by a semi. and still live, then jump off the twin towers & die. (sic)”

Sarah Palin – “Palin is a murdering bi*** who deserves a crosshair on HER house so Al-Qaeda can come shoot HER family. See how that feels, republican trash.”  Even going so far as to attack her down syndrome child on his bday.

– A 6 year old boy attacked with wishes of death for making a “dont vote for Obama video

Here are some examples of the hatred from the left toward black conservatives (and there are many more but for brevity sake):

– Mia Love attacked and called ‘house n*gger
– Clarence Thomas here and video here
– Dr. Ben Carson here and here
– Herman Cain here

The tolerance of the left is also demonstrated to me on a personal level when the only “friends” who have de-friended me on Facebook are those on the left.  One of my friends even took to my Facebook wall to shout to all my friends that “To stop receiving these rants you can terminate the ‘news feed’ related to his posts”.  When you  can’t defend an argument or be open to another persons view then shut down debate and try to silence those with differing opinions.

As I continue to encounter the “you conservatives hate the ‘enter group here‘ because you are heartless troglodytes” rhetoric, I will make sure to make this a continuously updated blog.  However, I will make this prediction, as we wind down the presidency of the current administration and as the continued rhetoric by the loudest talking heads on the left diminish into continuing to divide us from ourselves, this experiment will not end well.  Expect plenty of liberal hate speech and demagoguery to ensue since liberals do not desire conversation to resolve our differences, they demand conformity to their ideology.

Please comment below.  I actually welcome your feedback and differing opinion even if I disagree with it.


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