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The purpose of this ongoing blog series titled “Culture of Hypocrisy” is to shed light on the incredible audacity, primarily from those left of center, to say things that are in stark contrast to their actions. From newspaper to blog articles, from twitter feeds to national news outlets, from campaign speeches to guest spots on talk shows, you are guaranteed to hear something hypocritical on a daily basis.  Whether it’s the president saying you can keep your doctor and medical coverage, Al Sharpton speaking on supposed racist events, Matt Damon taking a stand for teachers unions and railing about gun violence, republicans being obstructionist against the president’s agenda, all the way to Sean Penn and Michael Moore proclaiming the great living standards and quality of life in Venezuela or Cuba, it is appalling that these people are actually listened to as if they are stating fact. Far from it actually. Hypocrisy abounds in our society.  But sadly many dismiss it and don’t press the issue calling into question the musings of the hypocrite and therefore allowing the double standard to persist.

To highlight the examples above:

1) President Obama, along with his cavalcade of democrats politicians speaking in front of any news camera they can find, profess endlessly that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare) is going to be a great deal for the American healthcare consumer, which ultimately is every single one of us.  Along with the media lemmings they extol the virtues of universal coverage, lower premiums, continued use of your current doctor, lower prescription costs and overall access to care at affordable costs.  Despite the many waivers granted, delays in mandates for big business/unions, and the states not participating in the exchanges, every government official who voted to pass the bill and every person on the left who falls inline lock step with the radically progressive view that government should control healthcare, one simple fact that just came to light crushes any argument these people have in support of these claims.  That is, Congress and the President are NOT partaking in the “benefits” that they preach to us are so great.  Just last week Congress voted to exempt itself (and their staffs) from having to cooperate in participating in the virtuous law.  So, one should ask their congressman/woman, “If the law is so great for me, per your rhetoric, and the media brainwashing then why isn’t it great for you and your family?”  Herein lies the greatest hypocrisy in our government today.  Your healthcare should be subject to long wait times, higher costs and lower quality care but not the politician who laid upon you with this new burden.  For they are the bourgeoisie and you the lowly proletariat.  Welcome to serfdom.  “Socialism is for the people, not the socialist” ~ Andrew Wilkow

2) Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and race bait incorporated (“RBI”) can never get enough of stoking the flames of hatred with their hypocritical cries of “racism” whenever there is a case of white on black crime. Their continuous bellowing that whites are inherently racist simply flies in the face of reality. RBI won’t look in the mirror and evaluate reality for it doesn’t fit their agenda. Trayvon Martin is the most recent example of this “hypocritic oath” that these snakes in the grass use to keep their sorry mugs in front of the cameras. Not only did the FBI investigate whether this was a racist killing, so did the FL state AG and prosecution. There was zero evidence to try Zimmerman of a hate crime. Even Trayvon’s parents, when they were thinking logically, said it wasn’t about race. Then enter RBI and their lighting the spark that quickly erupted into a media circus and every pundit on the left and every leftwing politician were once again able to use the wedge of racism to divide the nation. If I were a Hispanic I would be visibly ticked off that, 1) the left believes “Hispanic” seemingly is synonymous with “white/Caucasian”, and 2) they make it out that Hispanics are racist against blacks. Zimmerman received endless death threats, even had the race baiter Spike Lee give out his address over twitter and the New Black Panther network put a $10,000 bounty on his head. But where was RBI calling for cooler heads, proclaiming that our justice system worked, that violence isn’t the answer, and that justice is blind in our legal system? Nowhere. To survive the liberal progressive agenda, that now dominates the democrat party, requires that class warfare and racial division is what keeps the poor and blacks from moving up the equality ladder. But more interestingly what could be found nowhere was RBI, MSNBC, CNN or Barack Obama saying that the shooting in the face of a 17 month old baby by black teens in Georgia was a racist act. Or the innocent gunning down of an Australian baseball player in Oklahoma just 3 days ago was motivated by a racist black teen targeting a white male. Because as one friend told me “Blacks can’t be racist, only biased.” What the hell does that even mean? But more importantly, how hypocritical is that? But dress up as a Barack Obama rodeo clown and be barred from state events for life.  Shoot George Bush in a satirical movie and everything is good.  A liberal slander Dr. Ben Carson for his stance on policy and that’s not racist, but disagree with the President and you are.  Huh?  We will explore Race in America and its ill effects in future blogs because it is highly critical to point out the liberal hypocrisy on this issue and its role in American politics.

3) Matt Damon – this will be short. During the WI and other state referendums on unions and in particular teachers benefits, Matt took to the cameras to stand in solidarity with the teachers. The dust settled and Damon moves his family to the great liberal Utopian experiment that I commonly refer to as Los Angeles. What does he do? He immediately enters his children into the private school system. Genius Damon said that the school district he moved into wasn’t up to par for his children. Well, Mr. Damon, there are myriad school districts in LA Unified that are in very good neighborhoods but somehow, amazingly with all your loot you couldn’t find one to move to. Interesting. And the gun violence issue? After Newtown Matt felt it his place to say that no one needs high-capacity rifles or automatic weapons (granted there are no ‘automatic’ weapons on the street only semi-automatics) in their possession. He further went on to say that gun violence is out of control, contrary to actual FACTS (but liberals and facts don’t mesh). Yet, Mr. Damon, wasn’t it you that made close to $100 million using semi-automatic weapons and killing mercilessly in your “Bourne ” series. Hypocritical for you to poison the minds of suspecting youngsters who think your constantly kicking ass and killing people is cool and look to emulate you. And then turn around and say that this senseless violence that you are a part of in portrayal are now against it. That hypocrisy is deafening but no one on the left wanted to speak out against their new-found hero of anti-gun legislation or the myriad other of their hollywood cools.

4) Oh Michael Moore and Sean Penn. There is no reason to even expound on this topic other than to say, if you love countries like Cuba & Venezuela so much and their benevolent dictators are so kind and compassionate how about renouncing your citizenship of evil America and taking residency there?

5) Constant news coverage is about the obstructionist republican congress not allowing the president’s agenda to move forward. There are Jobs bills he says that are just waiting to be presented to the House for a vote. No they are not. It’s a lie.  Republicans have passed over 40 jobs bills that ARE ALL AWAITING A SENATE VOTE. But you wouldn’t know this if you watch the “news” or read the empty fallacious speeches by the democrat party members. And in case you haven’t been paying attention, a Democrat, Harry Reid, is in control of the senate and what bills come to the floor. He has yet to bring one. So who is the obstructionist Mr. President and liberal media pundits? The sad irony on all the situations above is that they are far worse than this simple blog explains. Spineless media hounds who provide influential, not informative, news that is saturated in their ideology are not interested in acting as the 4th branch of government any longer. Well, not when a democrat occupies the white house or is in control the congress. Until We the People start listening and taking action against this nonsense then your elected officials that claim to represent you will continue to act as the Judas sheep quietly leading you to the slaughter. When will you take notice, wake from your being deceived and be the change to that which angers you? Tomorrow might be too late.


6 comments on “Culture of Hypocrisy

  1. Hannah Nguyen
    August 22, 2013

    Hello, I am the owner of the blog you have linked here. While I do appreciate you sharing my post, I have to say that my post completely disagrees with the sentiment of your post. In my post, I outline how Matt Damon is NOT a hypocrite (with regards to his recent decision regarding public vs. private schools). Please read my post for an opposing view and a thorough explanation of why Matt Damon is not the hypocrite, but the “education reformers” like Jeb Bush and Barack Obama are the TRUE hypocrites.

    • oracleofliberty
      August 22, 2013

      I added your post directly so that others could see the other side. I have my side and most don’t know about the hypocrisy of most of what I blogged about. Or turn a blind eye to it. But damon is indeed a hypocrite. He espouses the public education system in America but then says its not up to snuff for his kids liking so he sends them to private school. He also claims ‘security’ as a reason. So his kids are better than the kids in LAUSD who can’t afford around the clock security for their children. All our elites send their kids to private school yet deny “choice” to other parents to send their children to a magnate, charter or private school. Why? Anyone who says one thing and does another IS a hypocrite. At least that is akin to Webster dictionary defition…it may not be definition provided in our public school system which is probably why Damon and his ilk don’t know that they are being hypocritical.

      But I do appreciate your blog, it was well written, even if I felt it misguided.

      • bulletsfirst
        August 22, 2013

        Hey Oracle. You also linked my post. I would like to counter Ms. Nguyen by saying that, even though she defends Matt Damon, his actions are clearly hypocritical on both gun issues AND educational choices.

        To say that he champions public education yet sends his kids to private school is indeed hypocritical.

        It would be similar to me praising the progressive tax code while living in a foreign country and not paying any taxes.

        Ms. Nguyen references Damon’s choice as “more personal than political”. That would be true if it wasn’t for the choices Mr. Damon made.. It’s personal for Matt Damon and would remain a private matter if he didn’t insist on politicizing his viewpoints on the matter. But he chose to champion something that he himself doesn’t deem good enough for his own children.

        Much like Rosie O’Donnell decries guns unless they are used by her own armed guards to defend HER child.

        At the end of the day, like many hollywood elites and political power players they want what they want out of entitlement yet would dictate to us other choices. As if we were second class citizens.

        And that, is the height of hypocrisy.

      • oracleofliberty
        August 23, 2013

        Bulletsfirst…amen. You stated it more eloquently and succinctly than I did. Spot on. And while I commend Damon for his rhetoric, albeit the message but not the hypocritical nature, i do wish someone would come along with good ideas for education to be the spotlight in our national debate. Not teachers unions, more government intervention, more money, etc. Clearly I am no that person but I will always serve to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the “elite” of every political spectrum.

    • oracleofliberty
      August 22, 2013

      Those who wish to produce change the fastest and most precisely lead by example. its hard to take someone seriously when they bitch about what the problems are in the world then continue to stand on the sidelines shouting at the referees to make the changes.

      I greatly appreciate your desire to help change the educational system but many of our youth and most out of touch parents think its the schools that are the problem. And while they are no one looks into the mirror to ask “Why are and how have our schools gotten so off track?” When Common Core is now the talk of the town yet ZERO parents were involved in its structuring, when teachers were brought in after the fact then is it any wonder that the implementation of that is just a continued indoctrination of our young? Liberals who run the school systems continuously complain about the greed of our capitalistic culture but dare mention the greed of the teachers unions and you are vilified. There is absolutely no way anyone can sit down and actually discuss the merits of our education system due to the fact that the unions have such power. But banks with power…burn em! It’s a sad state of affairs. And the federal government spending over $1 Trillion on public schools since Fed Dpt of Ed was implemented in the late 1970’s and what do we have to show for it? flat to marginally better scores in math, reading and science. yet we feel the need to spend more money (its always the liberal progressive way to solve problems – throw money at it) and add gender studies classes, teach history that is in contrast to reality or leave out things that are vitally important for the inherent make up of who we are. We teach, essentially, that if we run from who we are we can be a better society through avoidance of reality. No culture has ever progressed that left its foundation and admitted their character flaws in order to correct them.

      Your “About” page is quite indicative of a Utopia that CANNOT exist if government is involved in education. Our parents and grandparents had schools of community without fed govt intervention…they were the “greatest generation”. Getting government out of education, giving the parents more power than teachers unions and strong two parent households will catapult this nation into the 21st century. Trying to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic wasn’t going to keep it from sinking! Maybe you should review your strategy for education reform. You cant fight the leviathan when your focus is to cannibalize it. It’s misguided…but a worthy endeavor nonetheless because our children are ill-equipped to fight it, and sadly so are most parents.

      • Hannah Nguyen
        August 22, 2013

        Hm. It appears you are completely clueless on my stances on educational justice, because I actually (partly) agree with you. I will take the time to craft a reply (perhaps tomorrow, as today my schedule is pretty packed) but in the meantime, maybe you should read a bit more into my views on education (granted, I haven’t written in a while as I am in the process of moving and this is the first time I’ve had access to a computer in weeks so things might not be fully updated. I apologize for that).

        I’ll just say right now is that we’ve got to think about this as less of a students vs. teachers unions, or corporations vs. teachers unions, or parents vs. teacher unions dilemma, or else we’re never going to get anywhere. Educational justice is a social issue and reform is not the answer. Common core is not the answer. More money is not the answer. “Choice”, privatization, high stakes testing, and “accountability” are things that haven’t been the answer for decades and won’t start being the answer now. Attaining educational justice for all takes a revolutionary approach, one that begins with those closest to the schools: students, teachers, parents, community members. It takes courage and collaboration.

        And finally, before I go, I’ll say that while you consider it “bitching”, I consider it raising one’s voice and thus raising awareness about important issues. This leads to people being less “ill-equipped” with information and knowledge about their situation. No matter what my stances about education reform, I know that I will always believe in the importance of empowering students by making them aware of complexity of the society they live in, and equipping them with the tools they need to contribute in their own way and make it a better place. That liberation, is true education. You yourself are example of that. You are speaking up about what you care about, you are sharing your thoughts, you are thinking for yourself. Shouldn’t ALL students have the opportunity to be in environments that foster and nurture that?

        To be continued…

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