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Unions, tea parties and ‘equality’!

Wasn’t it just a year ago that the Tea Party protests, at its fever pitch, were labeled ‘violent‘, ‘racist‘ and ‘unAmerican‘, according to the liberal media, progressives and even our elected representatives? Remember how hard it was for MSNBC to find racism and violence at tea parties? But oh boy did they exhaust themselves trying to find it. Then heaven forbid, black tea partiers like Kevin Jackson, Deneen Borelli, Allen West, Tim Scott, Mike Williams, Stephen Broden and Dr. Alveda King – the niece of MLK, come along and take prominent positions within the party. There goes that liberal myth…shot to hell! (whoops, ‘shot’ is not allowed in today’s new call for civil public discourse…please accept my apologies)

Along comes union workers in Wisconsin, Denver, Indiana and Ohio, along with others, protesting that taking away the right to collectively bargain is unconstitutional. I still can’t find where this claim makes any sense, nor can I find it, in the copy of the US Constitution that I have read. While Tea party protesters protested what they felt were attacks on individual liberty and freedom while calling for smaller government (founding fathers clear ideal), the union protesters who showed up to protest the right to collectively bargain, the right to guaranteed pensions and the right to ever increasing benefits (viagra should clearly be covered in teachers contracts, right) at the expense of the taxpayers. Wow, what a vast chasm in both sides views of ‘freedom’, ‘liberty’ and the ‘pursuit of happiness.’ Tea Party protesters believe that less government involvement, less taxes and less force is needed to extend freedom and liberty to individuals, whereas the unions believe that larger government, more taxes and more force should be enacted so that they can be guaranteed a lavish ride into the sunset of life.

Keep in mind that 95% of union dues, forcefully taken out of everyone’s paycheck regardless of party affiliation, go to elect the politicians that will be sharing the ‘bargaining’ table. Imagine that, Judas sitting with the devil to bargain. As long as Judas is going to support the devil should you expect anything righteous, equal and free to be allowed? Nope. I seriously doubt that 95% of all teachers union workers are liberal democrats. The states in the most dire economic situations are the one’s that are controlled by unions (CA, NY, NJ, IL, WI, OH, MI, CT, OR, WA, AK), the exceptions being AZ and NV. For fiscal year 2011, the average compensation for a Milwaukee Public School Teacher will be $100,005. Also, remember, a public sector union worker on average, after retirement, receives 70% or more of their last year’s salary for LIFE! Does that sound ‘fair’ to you?

If anything has been proven from the civility of the Tea Party protests vs the union worker protests it’s this…race and violent rhetoric seems to persist in liberal protests. The media was hard pressed, almost frothing at the mouth, to find negative tea party signs, white supremacists and other elements of ultra conservative ideology. They couldn’t! Then these liberal union workers protest and the liberal media hail them as ‘freedom fighters for democracy’ with no mention (aside from far left Jon Stewart) of the violent rhetoric/signs at these protests.

Hypocrisy at its finest laid out on MSNBC, CNN, the nightly news shows along with those sane voices of common sense,, Huffington Post and the New York Times. When the likes of Paul Krugman and Frank Rich from that bastion of centrist thinking media outlet, the NYT, makes claims that disbanding the unions is akin to a ‘third-world oligarchy’, you know you are making progress against the lunatic left. To make such statements as Krugs/Rich do let’s you know that while their educational pedigree’s may be something to place in high esteem, their intellect is similar to that green slippery substance you find on rocks in a rolling stream that if you put your trust in will leave you flat on your back and all wet.

Is this a democrat vs. republican thing? At it’s core, no. This is about ‘equality’! And by busting the unions, future elections AND those gathered around the bargaining table with unions will be equal. This is why democrats hate true ‘equality’ for they know the more equal we are the less power they have. Their power rests in separation of the ‘rights’ and their ability to bestow on who they see fit to have such ‘rights.’

This is why we must end the union dominance in states…especially seeing how federal employees do not have the ability to collectively bargain. Where is Obama railing about that little nugget of information? Thank you Kimberly Strassel for pointing this out! Democrats can eat your heart out over this revelation…in the meantime, dying on the vine of union thuggery at the hands of common sensed leaders is such a sweet disposition to witness.

That’s my rant!


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