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Regardless of the ideological prism with which you see politics through one thing is certain, our current crop of elected officials today just don’t understand what America (in most part) is telling them through our knowledge of the past. I will get to what we are telling them at the end of this post but let’s first point out what the liberals and conservatives believe they are empowered to do at this moment in time.

Obama in his SOTU speech dedicated about 5 minutes of time to discuss health care reform but about 26 minutes into the speech. Obama said this, “It would reduce
costs and premiums for millions of families and businesses. And…would bring down the deficit by as much as $1 trillion over the next two decades.(bold emphasis is mine). Yet, poll after poll contradicts this demonstrating that Americans are not lemmings believing that giving health care to 30 million more people will reduce costs. To believe this will reduce costs is like believing that you can add 2 more children to your household and reduce your family budget. It’s ridiculous.

Also, the way the White House and progressive liberals read the polls is to say that they are being read the wrong way. To liberals, opposition to health care reform demonstrates that America is really saying they WANT health care reform, a la the public option. This on its surface highlights the lunacy of the left. Howard Dean, former DNC chair, is on record (on “Hardball” nonetheless) saying that independents elected Scott Brown because they were sending a message to Washington that they want the public option. Brown specifically ran on the premise that he would be the 41st vote AGAINST government run health care (of course he voted for MA run health care so there is some hypocrisy in his stance – but maybe he sees now that MA is BK because of universal health care). So do Dean and progressive liberals really believe that they voted a man into office to kill health care reform because what they were really saying is that they WANT health care reform but in the form of the public option? This is pure nonsense.

And after Brown got elected, Obama said they had to ‘pivot’ on health care and focus on jobs (Reid killed a bi-partisan jobs bill just last week – so much for focus) putting health care reform on the back burner. That same afternoon Gibbs and Axelrod stated emphatically that they were not scaling back their health care push but instead are going to proceed with their agenda. Pelosi went as far as to say “We will go through the gate. If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, we will parachute in. But we are going to get health care reform passed for the American people for their own personal health and economic security and for the important role that it will play in reducing the deficit.” So, again, despite overwhelming (52% oppose – 38% favor in latest RCP avg) opposition to the democrat’s health care reform Pelosi believes that she can just cram it down your throat because trust her, she knows what’s best for you. Aren’t politicians elected at the consent of the governed? Meaning, we elect them to do our will, not theirs. So damn the polls. Democrats believe so ardently that you need government-controlled health care that they are willing to assume 1/5th of the nations economy with no bi-partisan support but a simple majority (reconciliation). But I thought Obama was having a bi-partisan summit to discuss health care reform? It now appears they are crafting a bill that doesn’t even need the typical 60 votes to pass the Senate. This is beyond comprehension. So much for Obama’s getting the message of the Massachusetts tsunami.

Politicians work FOR US not against us. The will of the people is being ignored by those in power. Why? Because “Elites” believe that you are too stupid (see Maher, Klein comments) to understand what is good for you. This is highlighted in CNN’s advertising in international markets…”First comes understanding, then comes knowledge.” Really, I thought you have to first know something to then understand it (as demonstrated throughout this blog post). So what Reid, Pelosi and Obama, along with other progressives, are trying to tell you is that they will shape your understanding of something and then grant you knowledge. They don’t believe that Americans have the IQ to fully understand an issue. Given these are the same progressives who said on November 5th that the American electorate were intelligent enough to vote for ‘change’ and not continue the ‘status quo.’ Who are the fools now?

And what is this administration doing to focus on jobs…nothing! They still believe that the Stimulus has created (or saved) millions of jobs, which by its own merits is ludicrous. So much for transparency since their own calculations and formulas for this theory has been ripped to shreds. Get the duck tape. If you want job creation then get out of the way of the private sector, cut taxes (not give subsidies) on capital investments, capital gains, eliminate payroll taxes and stop trying to mandate who is going to make solar panels or green cars. If you want to see how well Green jobs creation works, look no further than Spain.


Unfortunately for republicans at this moment in time, they believe that the American people are favoring them simply because they are ‘conservatives’ and saying ‘no’ to Obama’s radical transformation of America. However, most elected republicans right now are considered Republican In Name Only (RINO) but are not of the understanding of what the people of America are telling them (again, through knowledge comes understanding). What republicans need to know is that the Tea Party movement is a movement against the ‘understanding’ of the republican party. In the famous words of Austin Millbarge “We mock what we don’t understand.” The goings on at CPAC this week are a perfect example. With the exception of a small handful of speakers (Beck, Rubio & Ron Paul, included) the remaining speakers are your typical RINO who just wish to regain power again. To trot out Armey, Gingrich, Romney and Ashcroft is simply to say, ‘We establishment republicans believe we can lead a resurgence to take back congress, the senate and eventually the White House with conservative ideals’ but notice that these republicans were the same ones in control to lead us to where we are today. In other words, the majority of these republicans believe that they speak for the American people who are rising up against big government, out-of-control spending, rising taxes, currency devaluation, degradation of values, violation of individual liberties and progressive takeover of our country. What they fail to understand, because they don’t first know, is that the revolt is against the current establishment on both sides of the aisle who just crave greed and power. Ninety percent of our currently elected officials believe they know what’s best for us. 535 people in DC believe they know better than 300+ million Americans. This is insane.

That is why the Tea Party (a return to Constitutional rights) is made up of democrats, republicans, independents, blacks, whites, Hispanics and other ethnic origins. They are standing in opposition to what has brought us to where we are today. Beginning in the Woodrow Wilson era (probably the most progressive presidency of all time) with the creation of the Federal Reserve, through the New Deal, the Great Society (spending not the racial equality part), creation of Dept of Energy, Education, Homeland Security and now the agenda of cap and tax, stimulus and health care reform, the American people are exhausted with the growth of government. To highlight, all of us believe that our children should have an education but since the creation of the Dept of Education (established under Carter) our students have scored worse. The Dept of Energy (established under Carter) was created to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil yet we are more dependent on foreign oil today than ever before. Bureaucracy doesn’t lift America it weakens it. To know how our government has evolved leads to the understanding that things MUST change and rapidly.

In conclusion, America has reached the boiling point and it has NOTHING to do with the fact there is a half white-half black person in the Oval Office. The boiling point was finally reached because our deficit now equals 100% of our GDP ($14 trillion) and was allowed to happen by both political parties. This is unsustainable and extremely dangerous for our continued prosperity. The peaceful revolution taking place is by those people who know that the document that has governed our nation for 223 years (the US Constitution) and written on a mere 6 pages doesn’t entitle its citizens to a free (or subsidized) education, home, health care, transportation, money, or food nor does it allow the federal government to overstep its bounds in relation to Article 1, Section 8, the Enumerated Powers clause. But the federal government under every administration has violated this exact section in promoting the ‘greater good’. The greater good theory is a communist belief not a democratic one. And why can one document 6 pages long govern a nation for over 220 years but we can’t write a health care bill that is less than 2,700 pages or a cap and tax bill that is less than 1500 pages? Because most of your elected politician are attorneys and they want to write a bill that you can’t understand because you don’t know what’s in it.

Therefore, we Americans who understand the law of the land, read the Constitution for what it DOES say, not what it CAN say through interpretation. Once our elected politicians know that this is what we are telling them they will then understand how to govern prosperously. Next time you go to the polls or call your representative to tell them where you stand, let them know that they are governed by AmeriCAN’s not AmeriCANT’s.


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