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Just this past week we have seen the progressive agenda in overdrive. Even today, the day after Scott Brown, a republican who just 3 weeks ago was behind in the polls by double digits in the bluest of blue states in America, won the senate seat held by liberal progressive Ted Kennedy for more than 45 years, liberal progressives aren’t yielding. Astonishingly, Brown ran a conservative campaign and did not try to appeal to a centric campaign catering to the ‘left’ or ‘progressives’ in his state. He ran a campaign speaking out against federally run health care, against tax increases of any kind and out-of-control government spending. Instead, Brown ran as someone in favor of tax cuts on individuals and businesses to stimulate the economy, strong national defense, reduced government spending and a strong stance on the war on terror. It’s both what he ran in opposition to and in favor of that should stop liberals in their tracks and have them gasping for air, taking a break from a very unpopular agenda. But the progressives show no willingness to ‘heel’ on their push to shout, scream or just plain attack anyone in their sites who don’t see the world through the same lens. And to hell with the ‘will of the people’. Progressives still believe, despite the VA and PA losses in the gubernatorial races or yesterday’s MA senate seat loss. No, they still believe they were given a mandate based on the ‘will of the people’ on election day, never mind that the ‘will of the people’ has changed dramatically in opposition of what the electorate thought, nay prayed, that they were getting when Obama was swept into office.

Case in point 1: Keith Olbermann attacks Scott Brown
Keith Olbermann (“KO”)stoops into the outhouse poop hole when he goes off the rails on Scott Brown and continues to belittle the ‘Tea Party’ movement. So KO, who clearly is out of touch with America (remember his prism is a far left secular society where Big Government is best), belligerently attacks a movement now seen as having the most favorable view of ALL political parties. . But Olbermann’s viewers wouldn’t know this since they are so tiny in comparison to the most watched cable news network, Fox News (links to pew ratings to verify viewership, see Case in point 2). Also, liberals love to rail on Fox News for being all lovey dovey to republicans, well, they must have missed it when Glenn Beck also chided Brown pretty harshly on his radio program today. But, liberals believe that Beck and Fox is in the tank for ALL conservatives and so they are ignorant to that last fact. Don’t worry, next time one of your progressive friends tries to attack you, Fox or its contributors for having a ‘right-wing bias’ pull this card out. See how they respond. Also, for anyone confused about just what the Tea Party is all about please visit their site at

Case in point 2: Dan Pfeiffer picks up right where Anita Dunn left off, attacks Fox News
The Obama administration just cannot seem to corral the American public into buying into their far left agenda. To them responsibility totally lies with Fox News and the Tea Party movement. Pelosi, Schumer and other prominent liberal politicians continuously attack the Tea Party movement. For as much belly-aching as the far left and Obama do, its amazing that in every category (I simply used Jan 15th but links connect to any day you choose; Fox News at least triples the viewership of its closest rival and in almost all cases the Fox show in any specific hour time-slot beats all others in its comparative subset COMBINED! Someone very close to me always asks why Bill O’Reilly always points out that his, along with other Fox News programs, are always beating its competitors by such a wide margin. The point is this, because to listen to the attacks on its News coverage or opinion shows from the White House and/or the other cable news outlets would lead one to believe that Fox garner’s such a tiny fraction of the TV viewing audience at any hour of the day, let alone up against a behemoth like Olbermann, Maddow, Matthews or Behar. In a debate I had today I put to rest this fallacy with facts. Liberals hate facts and their bias against Fox News continues, unyielding in their contempt for what PEW concluded was indeed the most ‘Fair and Balanced’ news network. Liberal blogs attacked Fox News for not adequately covering Haiti, for instance, yet Fox News had the largest audience in any time slot on the day of and days after the earthquake hit Haiti. So why the vicious attacks, as Axelrod, Dunn and now Pfeiffer level on Fox News? Because they are scared that America actually does operate from the center with leanings to the right and anything they don’t feel they have control of is unacceptable for them. So to belittle Fox as ‘not a respectable news organization’ shows how sophomoric and childish the White House and liberal media outlets are, as well it highlights their intellectual dishonesty. Progressives do NOT LIKE debate, nor do they have any compassion for those who disagree with them. Focus on this statement in the coming months and years ahead as progressives try to, in Obama’s own words, “Fundamentally change America.”

Case in point 3: Pelosi and Durbin indicate health care will pass even if ‘nuclear option’ is used
The ‘nuclear option’ in this case is the senate’s ability to use ‘Reconciliation’ which only requires 51 votes to pass any legislation through to the president. Durbin suggested today that this is clearly an option if Brown wins in MA. Pelosi yesterday said “We will have health care reform one way or another”, despite terrible poll numbers for health care reform and for congress in general. So despite being elected to serve ‘We the people’ these progressives are on record with statements that essentially suggest dismissing what the public wants since its politician’s who rule and are clearly more intellectually superior than the electorate. This MUST change and must change NOW! Here is the link to her statement: Nancy Pelosi heads up the legislative body responsible for passing laws but when it comes to public outrage over an unpopular bill, your voice means nothing to her. This is summed up by my home state of California. Prop 8 was passed in California last November 52-48%, which eliminated same sex couples’ right to marry. Despite the voice of the people being heard at the ballot box, progressives dismiss their opinion and are taking their case to the state Supreme Court. But, Obama wins by a 7% margin and progressives feel that that is a mandate and he should be allowed to do whatever he wants in the name of radicalism. Hypocritical, huh? Just like in the case here of those electorate on the losing end of Prop 8, most of your politicians on capitol hill are also tone deaf right now. And don’t kid yourself that things will be any different if republicans regain control in 2010. They wouldn’t. Special interests RUN Washington DC, your elected politician is simply the pawn in their game. Obama stated clearly on the campaign trail that lobbyists and special interests would not have a place in the change he promised that would occur in DC. Tell that to the SEIU, UAW, Big Pharma, ABA, Teachers Unions, AFL-CIO, and Center for American Progress just to name a few (a complete list can be found at:

So people, what you see here is that the word liberal is now a bad word, and it has been replaced with Progressive. In fact, Hillary Clinton during the democratic campaign described herself as a progressive. Obama, in front of both chambers and on live TV, referred to his ‘progressive friends on the left’ and ‘my conservative friends on the right’. There is a strong Congressional Progressive Caucus in the House, who espoused the principles of socialism ( It cannot be any clearer, America, at what is taking place right beneath your feet and if you don’t wake up soon, the America your founding fathers built and that every soldier has sacrificed their life to protect will be gone in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t stop for us, conservative patriots, just because a republican won three very large elections. No, the work actually starts now. We need to seek conservatives whether they be republican, democrat or are running as a Tea Party conservative. Actually, I prefer the tea party conservative since they believe strongly in the fundamentals of the Constitution.

In 2010, I will, like Beck, O’Reilly and Wilkow, point out what progressives are doing to derail this country from prospering as a freedom loving, capitalist, and constitutional republic it was established to be. I beg each and every one of you reading this blog to share it with your friends and please take 10 minutes to read the US Constitution ( It was written by our intellectual elite over 200 years ago. Written by attorneys, doctors, businessmen and patriots alike. Yet, this document that has served us so well for over 2 centuries now but now your elected politicians can’t write a health care bill that is less than 2000 pages? So one document which governs an entire country is 6 pages long and contains the Bill of Rights. But your intellectual elite of 2010 cannot write a bill unless it is so jumbled, so confusing and so long that over 95% of those that we elect to represent us and to vote on these bills will not even read them. It’s time for a ‘change’ America. Obama was right, unfortunately, he represents exactly the wrong type of change that America needs. He wants to ‘fundamentally change America’ when all we need is to wisely return to what our founding fathers designed for all of us. As our Declaration of Independence states in the opening of the 2nd paragraph: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Wake up America and take your country back from the progressives that are abundant in both parties.


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