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Obama, the Olympics and failure!

As Barack took off on Air Force One there were many, including myself, that thought ‘he wouldn’t go there unless he knew, with underhand dealings, promises of future endeavors and untoward dealings that Chicago was a sure bet to win the 2016 Games. Many here in America lauded the presidents effort and said that well ‘with health care seeming to now be on firm footing showing signs of promise’ then the ‘be all’ president had time to be all to Denmark. In the middle of a huge health care debacle, with the cap and trade travesty looming at our front door, and with the economic numbers indicating strongly that the stimulus isn’t working, the international president has the time to travel on AF One for 8 hours and pitch why Chicago should be the IOC choice to host the Olympic games.

Forgetting for a second that we have two wars going on in far away lands, one in which the president said we ‘took our eye off the ball’ in the war that ‘really matters in Afghanistan,’ Obama also convened for the first time under any US President, the role of the head of the UN Security Council. So now the man who takes over companies, fires GM’s, sets executive level pay, won’t meddle in Iran elections but cuts off ties to Honduras who constitutionally had the right to remove their expectant tyrant by law, the man who can’t go on TV enough to push his far left health care reform bill, who touts the success of his Stimulus Bill as having saved the US economy from the brink of collapse, who gets involved in the arrest of a black professor by a white cop, and who is so childish as to not grant Chris Wallace a Sunday morning round of interviews while he did 6 others, but now this man has time with all this on his plate to go pitch the 2016 Summer Games in Chicago aside from his trying to be the savior to so many? I mean who could possibly have the time? He wants credit for everything but takes blame for nothing. In fact, he delegated the writing of all his major policy initiatives to Congress and Senate democratic leaders so that his ‘hands’ aren’t on the bills.

You see, by having Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman and Harry Reid write most of the legislation for Stimulus, Omnibus, Cap and Trade, Health Care and other major economic policy, Obama can say, “hey, they wrote it and when it came to my desk I signed it because so much had gone into the crafting and political capital had been spent by so few to give health care to so many.” But if the bill fails then Obama can say that his fingers weren’t on it. “It was up to the house and senate to deliver me a bill” he would say. This way only that which he personally touches would turn to gold!

Except for the Chicago Olympic games bid. The man who supposedly the international community reveres and loves just got a right-cross to the left chin in the 1st round of a major heavyweight fight. The liberal pundits out there now say, ‘this is not a story. It’s no big deal.’ However, had the tide been different and Chicago had won, do you honestly believe for one second that these same pundits and Obama himself would not have been taking credit for this? Hell, Michele and Barack in their two separate speeches referred to themselves in the “I” or “Me” context exactly 26 times each in telling their story. Then both of them at the end of their respective speeches said that Chicago winning the Olympic games is not about ‘them’ its about Chicago. Really? After spending your 5 minutes cramming in reference after reference of yourself in the first or third person you are able to actually hope that the reader believes that your touching speech is about something greater than yourself and is actually about others?

The sad fact of the matter is that the US could have used the ‘spirit’ of the games to pick itself up off the mat, much like LA did in 1984 and possibly help rejuvenate American society into believing again. But, I suspect, that had we won the bid for the Olympic games, not only would Chicagoans and Illinois have been broke, the taxpayers of the US would have had to pick up a large piece of the pie and the only ones who would have gotten rich and had their pockets lined were the one’s using our taxpayer dollars to fly to the country whose citizens wear wooden clog…Valerie Jarrett, Michele Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Mayor Daley and David Axelrod.

Hell, it would have been 2016 and what else are you supposed to do after you have quite possibly ruined the greatest superpower the world has ever seen? You light a torch to go out down in flames. Sleep well Obama’s and cronies, so far the international stage is pitching shut out against you and we are fairly deep into the ballgame. Who’s your ace in the bullpen and who is the DH who can swing for the fences?


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