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Senate panel blocks GOP’s abortion, illegals measures – Washington Times

Liberal democrats block GOP explicit request to block federal funding for ABORTIONS AND ILLEGAL ALIENS! Who’s looking out for you? Be honest with yourself, ask yourself the tough questions and demand answers from your politicians.

Senate panel blocks GOP’s abortion, illegals measures – Washington Times

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2 comments on “Senate panel blocks GOP’s abortion, illegals measures – Washington Times

  1. Brittanicus
    October 1, 2009

    We are on the verge of a major breakthrough with the illegal immigration deterrent program E-Verify. Washington has extended E-Verify to the end of October, but that is not enough for the 10 million plus jobless American workers. The stamp of approval of E-Verify has been recognized by the hundreds of thousands, or perchance millions of citizens and legal employees whose innumerable numbers have been disenfranchised by illegal alien labor. An apparel firm was raided by ICE and 1800 workers who are illegal have been fired, unless they can be positively accepted as having the right legal status? Unbelievable! Now without further adieu, we must lambaste the politicians until they make E-Verify permanent? It should be placed on the peak list of interior enforcement tools, and everybody who gets a pay check should be verified as part of the legal workforce. A huge number of suspected open border players, thought the courts would kill it as unconstitutional, or at least delay it? An amendment was presented by Sen. David Vitter that prevents any further delays in the implementation of the Social Security Administration’s No-Match-letter program. An amendment was also offered by Sen. Jeff Sessions that requires a permanent re-authorization of the application. The usual culprits tried to table the Sen. Sessions E-Verify amendment, but the motion failed and eventually passed. We have dubious decision makers in DC, who are not looking-out for the man/women in the street? This became very blatantly obvious in the stimulus bill, when no language omitted illegal workers from gaining at least 300.000 jobs in construction and other industries. The 247 G law is another successful police program, to identify illegal immigrants on the streets of our communities and highways. This law could be on the chopping block, as well as the ICE raids on pariah businesses. With modifications E-verify could detect illegal aliens applying for drivers licenses, car insurance, home mortgages, health care and much more? LET THE BLOODY EMPLOYERS WHO HAVE INSTIGATED THIS IMMIGRATION MESS–PAY FOR ITBoth California and Nevada's lawmakers have a high percentage of illegal alien populace, so they are indebted not to enforce immigration laws. We as voters must transfer our frustration and anger to those who represent us at 202-224-3121. A continuous barrage of irate voters has upset the politician’s applecart in their offices, demanding change? You will only discover the true patriotic American politicians by going to and examining their immigration grades at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & for OVERPOPULATION statistics CAPSWEB. If we hesitate about these issues, all is lost, and the anti-sovereignty groups will take away our jobs, freedoms. If you really want to view the absolute appalling state our roads, bridges, dams and drinking water structure, watch "The Crumbling of America." The History channel has been illuminating the complete and utter indifference, while we financially support the world, wars and illegal immigrants for the business community.

  2. Volunteer Beacon
    October 1, 2009

    Great response and very enlightening. I hope that patriotic Americans who believe in our core values, our Declaration of Independence and our beloved Constitution will carry the torch on the immigration issue to the doorsteps of our politicians. A transparent discussion with accountability should be hosted on CNN or Fox News for all to see. There should be open forum debates like in the House of Lords at Parliament in the UK where each member can stand up and speak his mind. A case should be presented by each side, with individual responses from those in chamber and the American people would then know what side each of their elected officials is on. If America would demand this of our politicians and not let them hide behind the veil of secrecy in closed door 'sub-committees' whereby they pass amendments that are then tacked onto a bill we would have a lot more trust in our government. But at the rate we are going and with reality already set in, we first must demand a complete overhaul of DC and 'We the people' must be more accountable for the politicians we elect. This is not completely the fault of those we elect. The responsibility is a large part our since by electing these people they feel that they have the 'mandate' to do what they will. Case in point…when over 80% of the calls into DC demand a 'No' vote on Stimulus and the bill passes along party lines it tells you that our politicians no longer care what 'we the people' have to say anymore. They do what big government and big labor wants them to do. Line the pockets of the politicians to get an agenda passed and damn the American citizens. Unless we unleash the fervor of our discontent with those in DC at the next 2 – 3 election cycles, then we are doomed to live the future we forecast upon ourselves at past elections. Thanks for the comment.

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