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Remembering Mary Jo Kopechne!

For all the glorious hoopla that democrats and the Kennedy family are seeking to shine on Ol’ Ted and his championing of ‘affordable health care for all Americans,’ let’s not forget that this is also a man with a very dark past. His death calls for remembering a person who today may have been one of the biggest supporters of Obama/Kennedy care had she not been left to die in a drowning car driven by Ted Kennedy. Way to go Ted…fight for your own life but disregard that of an innocent woman catching a ride with you in order to hopefully make her ferry home. And just when you think the Kennedy Camelot clan couldn’t sink any lower they usher the Kennedy kids up to speak about their ‘uncle’s’ wish for all Americans to one day have affordable health care. Sadly, the family didn’t even try to pretend that the statement was written by a 12 year old. It sounds like it was written by a Kennedy speech writer. And this is Camelot?

Ted Kennedy has passed away, so how about a solemn tribute for the dead, said Henry Rollins in Vanity Fair. Not Kennedy—that’s covered—but what about Mary Jo Kopechne? As people mourn Kennedy, it would be “negligent” to forget the young political activist who, at age 28, died trapped in Kennedy’s car when he drove it off a Chappaquiddick bridge in 1969.

Fine, said Melissa Lafsky in The Huffington Post, but remember that Mary Jo Kopechne, a former Robert F. Kennedy campaign worker, “wasn’t a right-wing talking point”—she was a dedicated civil rights activist who believed in the things Ted Kennedy spent his life fighting for. Nobody can say what she would have thought “about arguably being a catalyst for the most successful Senate career in history”—she might even have thought it was “worth it.”

That may be the “most amazingly shallow, myopic, and ultimately self centered sentence ever written,” said Rick Moran in American Thinker. Mary Jo Kopechne, no matter what her political beliefs, would have preferred to live a “full life” with family, career, and kids, over being “a catalyst” whose death pushed Kennedy to give up his presidential ambitions and serve in the Senate. “What a despicable thing to write.”

No, what’s despicable, said Zennie Abraham in the San Francisco Chronicle, is demonizing a man who dedicated his life to serving others over of an accident 40 years ago. Mary Jo Kopechne’s death was tragic, but Kennedy had his day in court and took his punishment. (watch Kennedy’s speech after Chappaquiddick) So forget what the “Internet trolls” say about Chappaquiddick, and give Kennedy credit for a “great life’s work after a mistake.”

So, as you can see, even in death the liberal left pundits and editorials still put this man above his fellow man and shower him with praise. These are the same liberal bloggers and media outlets who said of Ronald Reagan at the time of his death that he ’caused Aids and millions of deaths worldwide.’ Liberals, when faced with the facts that Kennedy killed an innocent woman choose to only focus on his policy issues while with no shred of evidence, only pure lunacy, they attack a president who happened to simply be the leader of the free world at the time that AIDS was identified and during its initial spread around the globe. Personal responsibility never factor into their logic. At the time, it was unfortunately believed that AIDS was spread through drug use and homosexual intercourse. If you continued to participate in either these actions then its your fault, not President Reagan’s. However, staying on the basis of personal responsibility, it appeared that Kennedy had little of it, at least at the time of Kopechne’s death. And if one does recall, it was the Reagan’s who pioneered the “Just say No” campaign to at least try and curtail drug usage…however, it’s up to the individual to adhere to the moral choices that lie in front of them.

Mary Jo Kopechne, let it be known that on the day of Ted Kennedy’s death and memorial there were hundreds of thousands of mourners for his life, but there are still hundreds of thousands of people who also remembered that it was at this man’s hands that your life was snuffed out at an early age. Regardless of your political affiliation and whatever radicalism may or may not have come from you if you had survived that fateful day, a human life is God’s gift and should be valued as such. It appears that Ted Kennedy valued his life over yours, much like he continued to value his life over the rest of ours until his dying day. For it’s Kennedy’s belief that we should have health care afforded to us by us, but it’s not the health care that he, Ted Kennedy, would himself sign up for. People should remember that as they wait and see if their politician will sign them up for something that is not good enough for the politician. Mary Jo may you rest in peace and I can only hope that Ted is now there with you trying like hell to make his peace with you. It’s your call if you choose to forgive him and you have my support either way. However, its ultimately up to God and that is where, I believe, Ted is trembling in his boots.


2 comments on “Remembering Mary Jo Kopechne!

  1. sandune45
    September 1, 2009

    Very well written. There are as many Americans as not who remember what Teddy did to that young woman. He just couldn't live that tragedy down as it was unlike the tragedies America remembers of his three brothers. He knew he had a lot to live up to, but this was the sore, not blemish, that ruined his run for the presidency. One can acknowlege him for his service to our country in the form of government, but one cannot condone his conduct.

  2. Volunteer Beacon
    September 1, 2009

    Well said. I definitely am not saying he did not represent the commonwealth of Mass. well as a senator. His legacy as a senator will live on for many years to come. However, its in our personal lives also that we must live and be remembered, not just in our public service. Thanks for the feedback.

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