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‘We the people’…the Sleeping Giant awakes!

November 4, 2008 happened and to the 67 million voters of Barrack Hussein Obama all was right with the world. Yep, to them the ‘Evil one’ that in their minds was George W. Bush was finally finished breaking all the priceless China, stealing the sterling silver flatware, and defacing the white house busts with sharpie mustaches and triangular shaped eyebrows. Oh, thank God (or whoever you worship, if anyone at all) the evil one with horns and a tail was to be replaced with someone so trustworthy, so flawless and of such high moral clarity that the nation would be reunited again and joined in a ‘have a Coke and smile’ Utopia that would heal our deep wounds.

Eight months into the formation of this Utopia we have begun to realize that there were serious flaws in paradise. Paradise is still being constructed, I guess, which to most should be extremely sobering and frightening. If we deconstruct the months since Utopia was created on January 20th, 2009, what is being learned is that the foundation seems built on sand, its erect pillars thin of support, its roof lacking adequate coverage and the amenity pool substandard on appeal. If this remains then the house will certainly collapse. And if it does, the “I told you so” voices will resonate in the ears of the snookered and the drum will beat louder. The evil empire that preceded Utopia of course had its flaws, without question, but that evil dictator that ruled for 8 years didn’t threaten its own citizens and talk down to the elite and proletariat alike if you disagreed with its policies. Hell, if that was the case then 67% (approval rating when the evil one left office was 33%) of the population would have been imprisoned or quarantined…for breaking what law I have no idea.

But, in this new paradise, the Utopian King and his surrounding lords of the manor have taken to attacking its citizens for just that, disagreement. They demonize those who rule with them but who are of a different belief on ideology. But this was to be paradise right? Weren’t we all told that the new King would bring everyone together and put aside the childish ways that had consumed the land on which the evil empire once stood? It was to be a new day, a new kingdom ruled with equality and to be defined as a love generation. Who wouldn’t want that right?

Instead, the Utopian kingdom has been more defined as ‘Rule by absolutes’ and ‘directives’ as opposed to forums and debates that then construct law for the ‘greater good’ and equal representation under the law. No, this kingdom now defines the ‘greater good’ as only those who need assistance (poor) but that in most cases refuse to be gracious to those who actually provide for the service. The poor don’t take time to ‘thank’ the hard working class who provide them the service, no, instead they ask, ‘shouldn’t I receive more?’ The king then repeatedly demonizes those who provide jobs/services, own land, titles and other luxuries and now wishes to choose how much land, title and luxuries they can own. Damn the fact that the same citizens who own these luxuries and pay proportionately more for the services that are provided to the proletariat also employ the same proletariat. The king that now oversees the kingdom wishes to try and provide all goods and services to the proletariat at the expense of their employers, thereby trying to lift the oppressed up and depress those who possess the means of production and have wealth creation ability. In doing so, what the whole of this kingdom’s citizens are now realizing is that when those who are willing to work and take initiative to better themselves have less and that the possessions they had are now given to those who don’t care to work or make the choices to better themselves that you create class warfare, mediocrity and less initiative. In other words, you cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. What you give to one must first be taken from another. Any employer with a solid business plan will succeed when it understands it cannot be all things to all people. You find your target audience and you devise how to best provide for that specific group.

But in Utopia, the king and the lords try to be all things to all people. In order to try and be all things to all people the king promotes 1) higher taxes on higher income earners to produce more revenues that he can then give as he sees fit to those less fortunate, 2) more spending at the kingdom level that will increase deficits and ultimately create a majority ownership of those debts by foreign nations with whom it trades and which are relied upon to produce the Utopia’s goods, 3) hoarding the dollars that the kingdom is printing at record pace to try to stave off inflation, 4) what services are managed and controlled by the kingdom and who gets what and who actually pays for said services, 5) looting of the treasury by a supposedly independent and nonpolitical federal bank, 6) dividing power between those of his ideology against those of an opposing ideology, and 7) controlling the debate and crushing dissent of its citizens if its views differ from the kingdoms views, especially if the dissent is of how the previous 6 items listed should be managed, dissolved or altered.

It is now becoming more evident that when this Utopia is compared to previous great empires and why they fell its very easy to see the correlation. The main reasons for the fall of the Roman empire were a religion began to take away power from central government, its weakening of the military due to improper training, drastic inflation of silver (debasing its currency made up mostly of silver), poor management of the economy, a kind of feudalism (whereby a person with land, a possession, would sell it to a lord and thereby himself into slavery, since slaves didn’t have to pay tax and freedom from taxes was more desirable than personal liberty), hoarding of gold bullion by its citizens, a gross imbalance in trade deficit and the looting of its treasury. Essentially, it ran out of money and was weak militarily. The great British empire collapsed as it transitioned into a commonwealth but could not afford the expense of defending and administering its large population (at the time 1/4 of the worlds population) and it lost revenue sources from the colonies that they used to control such as India, America, Iraq, etc., demanded its independence. It was also heavily in debt to the US after WWII, which capitalized on its position of banker and forced the UK to abandon the empire by threat of economic collapse otherwise. This was so that vast markets were opened to American companies and to weaken the UK in general.

Hopefully, you can see from the above examples of the fall of what many revere as the two greatest empires (prior to America’s superpower reign) that our Utopia is ironically on the same path to collapse. If you do not grasp the similarities let me try to help you out. Our government mismanages everything it tries to control (Amtrak, postal service, social security/medicare, and education are just a few shining examples of efficiency and proficiency and is there a shred of logic to believe all that will change under this administration), and it is letting religious views (Muslims, atheists, agnostics, etc.) take away its power to govern by appeasing the minority religions in America at the expense of the religious majority’s views. Further, its cutting funding for its military gradually over time thereby weakening it and it now has close to 60% of the population who no longer have any tax liability to the federal or state governments. Deficits are expanding at lightning fast speeds, its trade imbalances are grossly disproportional, it ultimately will debase its fiat currency through rampant inflation and it will inevitably have to raise taxes on all its citizens in order to try and pay for all the services it has promised its citizens. And I haven’t even mentioned that 1) foreign nations own most of our debt thereby threatening (like America did to the UK) economic collapse if we don’t play by their rules, 2) the fact that we are out of money ($1.8 trillion deficit means our expenses far outweigh our revenues) and our national debt is over $11.6 trillion (this means we are borrowing funds from the future to unfortunately consume today), and 3) the Utopia’s citizens have learned a valuable lesson from the lifestyle of the last couple of decades, that it spent too much and saved too little. You now see the savings rate (see Rome’s citizens hoarding gold) at near all time high’s while many financial advisors are also trumpeting owning gold.

In other words, the Utopia that the majority on November 4th believed they were getting has unfortunately become a dispirited Dystopia in 8 very short (but long) months. The citizens are no longer finding the Utopia to be the triumphant Shangri-La it was assured it would inherit if this king was elected to govern. In fact, if anything this king assumed the evil empire’s road map, expanded it three fold and then also is wanting to have its agenda adopted, but not later down the road. Instead it wants it now because time can’t wait. Just because one ideological party won a ‘mandate’ that doesn’t mean it can just jam through whatever it pleases based on what happened on election day. We the people are growing restless and while we have been lured to sleep with the king’s elixir, the effects of it are wearing off and the sleeping giant is awakened. Hell hath no fury like a people scorned!

So we should once again recall the words our forefathers chose to begin our governing document: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


One comment on “‘We the people’…the Sleeping Giant awakes!

  1. sandune45
    August 8, 2009

    Thank goodness that being "politically correct" is becoming "politically active" and showing your real colors – red/white/blue ! And for that – our leaders call out "mobsters" – gee, I think that road leads to Chicago!

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