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Iranian Muslims ask – Where has Obama gone?

This from a Muslim blogsite written here by American Muslims. You can read the full article at ( While Obama was releasing internet video speeches just a few short months ago to the Iranian Islamic Republic where he stressed that America is not at war with them and that he will support the people of Iran in their unyielding desire to live free from totalitarian regimes, where is his actions based on those words? It appears that the Iranians are beginning to learn what we Americans already know…Obama says one thing but does the exact opposite. He said on Tuesday that there is no difference between Mousavi and Ahmadinejad. Well, apparently the Iranian people disagree strongly with you Mr. President.

This from Jonah Goldberg at muslimsagainstsharia.blogs
“During the campaign you mocked those who belittled your rhetoric as “just words.” Well, what you’ve offered so far is less than just words. You’ve put a fresh coat of whitewash on Iran’s sham “democracy.” On Monday, you proclaimed yourself “troubled” by the events in Iran, before hinting that you’d negotiate with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad no matter what an official investigation into his “landslide” victory found. (Would you trust Mafia internal audits, too?)”

Reportedly, you are biding your time, waiting to see what happens, as if it is a great mystery. Your campaign lived and breathed YouTube. Check it now, check it often. You and your team promised “soft power” and “smart power.” How about moral power? Because by not clearly picking a side, it appears you have chosen the wrong side.

In the 1990s, liberals championed “nation building,” and many conservatives chuckled at the naivete of it. Then came Iraq, and Republicans out of necessity embraced what liberals once believed out of conviction. The result? Liberals ran from their principles, found their inner Kissingers and championed a cold realism whose chill emanated from the corpse of their ideals.

Labor unions, such as the AFL-CIO, once battled tyranny abroad on the grounds that workers everywhere need democracy. Today, the president turns a blind eye to the independent labor movement in Iran, and the unions and Democrats spend their time trying to figure out how to eliminate the secret ballot in the American workplace.

So far, “hope and change” has meant spending trillions we do not have on expanded government we do not need. Meanwhile, the huddled masses of Iranians yearning to breathe free think hope and change means something more. But the new American colossus stands all but silent, her beacon dimmed, her luster tarnished.

Please, Mr. President, prove me wrong. Stop voting “present” on democracy.

Will Obama ever do what he says he will do? Apparently the world is beginning to learn what we unfortunately witness every day. Whether it be taxes, GM, banks, health care, Gitmo, torture, Iraq, etc., he has done the exact opposite of what he said he would do during his campaign, his acceptance speech and daily to the media. Poor Iranians are going to be left like the Iraqi’s in 1993 when Bush Sr. left them high and dry. They dissidents were crushed, their faimlies slaughtered and they lived in fear of the regime for the next 16 years. If this happens to Iran you can guarantee that this event will be their ‘rally against America’ and the Jihad recruiting tool that Al-Qaeda has so desperately been needing. Is this what Obama thinks is good for Americans? It’s complicated I know, but I have not heard one person on Fox, CNN or even MSNBC say that we shouldn’t help the Iranians out at this very crucial time. To stay silent is to give credibility to Ahmadinejad, the Supreme Leader and to the mullah’s. Obama looks extremely weak right now as he is being rabbit punched by North Korea, Russia and now Iran. So much for peaceful wishes of talks with your enemies changing the global landscape. Let’s hope and pray that this situation does not result in calamitous consequences for the Iranian people and ultimately the people of Israel, the Middle East, Europe and America. We are at the witching hour domestically and globally. So many people pinned their ‘Hope’ on man with absolutely no leadership to ‘Change’ the way the world sees America and the way America sees America. So far we are left with a different kind of hope because the only change we have seen is that America and the world now sees how Chicago politics can change the leadership landscape very quickly.

God bless everyone and I pray for the leadership of this country that we will stand up against tyranny and fight for freedom.


One comment on “Iranian Muslims ask – Where has Obama gone?

  1. sandune45
    June 19, 2009

    Poetic words not actions – except in the way of steamrolling legislature thru congress before the Americans wise up, seem to be coming out of Washington the past few months. Is it not enough for DC to see the Iranians rise up to protest their election. Maybe the alternative is not the most desirable, but neither is the self-elected one who wants to destroy Israel and denies the Holocaust.

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