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Costa Rica Rendition…

For those of you blessed enough to have been to Costa Rica, you know its a lovely country, with very nice people who are passionate about their futbol, their Imperial, their surf and Pura Vida. So, why on earth would NBC want to air a program titled, “I’m a celebrity…get me out of here” when is filmed in such a beautiful paradise. Having probably answered that question, you are now following with a “Why on earth are you watching such a pathetic reality TV show of old has been actors, models, comedians and Hill’s stars, when you could be doing something so much more productive with your life?” This is a very fair question and I will respond in the following manner.

While my normal tv time recently has been centered around the NBA playoffs, Seinfeld reruns, Bachelorette (until my buddy was booted from the show after week 2), Fox News for fair and balanced news coverage and MSNBC for the leftist slant on all things anti-bush/conservative, I did find some time to witness “I’m a celebrity…get me out of here.” Names like Lou Diamond Phillips (has he done anything since La Bamba), John Salley (last played in NBA in 2002 I think), Torrie Wilson (WWF has women wrestlers), Janice Dickenson (wasn’t she just in rehab still), Sanje from American Idol fame, and some couple named Heidi and Spencer grace the program with their elegance and style (sense the sarcasm there). The point of the show is to put these people in teams and see who can’t hack it. They then get eliminated.

Despite being in a controlled environment in Costa Rica one of the ‘challenges’ of the bottom 2 was to have to unlock yourself from 5 masterlocks with chains wrapped around you while you were in a 8 ft’ high square tank. The catch was that you had to unlock the locks from a keychain that had a dozen or so keys on it and that’s not all. The tank would slowly fill with water. But wait, while it filled with water things like frogs, insects and snakes were put through contraptions around the person’s ankles. What I witnessed was poor Janice Dickenson struggling to get the keys to fit in the locks while a look of sheer terror remained permanently on her face the entire time she was in that tank. The gasps, screams and breathlessness that she experienced to her was torture. Despite her knowing that she would not drown, knowing that the snakes were not poisonous nor was there anything being placed in the tank that could do any long term physical harm she went nuts. To her this torture was hell.

Well, for all the stink that was in the press several weeks ago about enhanced interrogation techniques and how Bush is an evil person then you should have seen real torture to the human spirit in the episode I watched (it was torture for me to watch it let alone how Janice and Sanje must have felt). Placing someone who willingly goes into a tank to win a contest but experiences some not so comfortable things is not torture. Look, to me, putting a bra on someone’s head and making them pose on all 4’s with a dog collar and leash around one’s neck isn’t torture. Is it hurtful to your dignity, of course. But its better than watching Daniel Pearl have his head chopped off. Now that’s torture…depending on your view of things, of course. I mention all of this because it brings me to the ‘torture’ memo’s released by Obama that he still has gotten away with in the MSM for not releasing the full details like Cheney and others have requested him to do. As well as all the hoopla that the ‘evil one,’ George W. Bush, has had to hear from the far left lunes who claim human rights were violated in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. Waterboarding may be torture but we waterboard many in our military, according to army training manuals and CIA intelligence statements. While waterboarding may or may not be torture what I can attest to is that if I knew that there was a man in this country or anywhere in the world that was to harm my neighbors family (innocent and with children) I would waterboard and torture the hell out of them. Why? Because human life is sacred to me and according to the God that Christians follow (radical Islam seems to follow a god who suggests killing all non-believers). If the person that has information that can save a human life doesn’t value the life he is about to help take then why should I care about his mental anguish or his physical pain so long as I maintain the sanctity of his life’s existence? God brings life to existence and it should be left to God to terminate that existence. Asking this person questions like, “So are you going to tell me what you know?” aren’t going to get you answers. I apologize to those of you who think that you break a person by asking them questions. That’s how you get confessions and evidence not information about attacks. Even Obama reserved the right, just like Bush did, to use enhanced interrogation techniques when he signed into law the banning of enhanced interrogation techniques (read the fine print, again what this man says in public and what he does are two totally different things) because he knows that if pouring a bucket of water over someone’s face who is lying on their back at a 33 degree angle will save American lives then he must retain that right. Imagine the outrage American’s would have had against Bush if in the months after 9/11 they had not waterboarded KSM who had information on an impending attack against Los Angeles. If an attack happened with thousands of more Americans dead in Bunker Hill and people said “the mastermind was in your custody and all you did was talk to him and just ask him questions about what he knows. Of course he is not going to just freely give up the information.” It’s simple, the ACLU and the’s and those of our elected government placed in their power seat due to organizations like these care about everyone’s rights but yours 100% of the time. They always care for the little guy until it does not personally benefit them to do so.

When will America wake up and realize that those who want to take your life do not care about their own life or else they wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice themselves to pilot planes into buildings, strap suicide bombs on expectant mothers and detonate roadside bombs that will also kill their own people.

While Janice Dickenson experienced what to her was torture, I caution anyone to watch the tape of Daniel Pearl being beheaded. Now come here to UCLA and ask his parents if what they and their son experienced was torture? As you are walking away from that conversation then ask yourself, “if that was my son who was beheaded would I torture some muslim or any extremist who had information that would save someone else’s child from the same fate?” If you answer no, then I hope you rest peacefully knowing that you were just as bad as the terrorist who took the life as you were an accomplice to it. You can rest easy now.


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