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All Hail the King has arrived!

These are images of B.H.O. being used in the Muslim world as Obama prepares to arrive there. Is it getting just a little bit scary that this man is ‘worshiped’ by at least the 65 million people in America who voted for him, millions in Europe, Central and South America as well as throughout the Middle East and Africa, and many believe that this man can do no wrong? As the world prepares for his speech to the muslim nation of Egypt he is being compared to the greatest Pharaoh, King Tutankhamon.

This is the same man who had the crucifix covered up at Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, when giving a speech there back in April. Granted he requested that ALL religious relics be covered so as to not appear to promote a single religion. Meanwhile, when he gave a previous speech as a Senator at Georgetown he did not make any such request. So what has happened in the past 2 years? It’s not just the media who lay down for Obama but the most prestigious Catholic universities in the U.S. are now abandoning their ideals and beliefs in order to get close enough to touch Obama’s cloak.

In Las Vegas, a teacher puts up a large image of Obama next to the American flag as the kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance (where is the ACLU on this). In Toledo, Ohio, in one K-12 school, kids are being made to either write letters to Obama or to write down 5 facts and opinions of Obama. Even in Toronto, Canada they have their own ‘Obama Curriculum’ where Obama themed music is played and children in that school have to complete ‘Obama video worksheets’ while learning about the presidents life (not policies or party) and his rise to presidency.

So where does the idol worship stop? Try to address this topic with one of your liberal friends who voted for and still supports Obama. To prepare you, the response will be smug with a little laughter and then it will be dismissed as no big deal. Keep in mind, these were the same people that hated the ‘religious right’ for their idolotary of Bush while he was president. These are also the same people who also compared Bush to Hitler. They also loved sending as much anti-Bush cartoons and stories around, that many of us who were Bush supporters actually laughed at because we can be self-depricating. Obama and many of his followers cannot laugh at themselves and they do not find the Obama cartoons (now showing up in inboxes around the world) remotely funny. To see how Obama does poke fun at himself one only has to listen to his correspondents dinner speech. His general comedic wit (and his speech writers who know him very well) is directed to others close to him, Biden, Emanuel, Axelrod to name a few. When he does make fun of himself one of his jibes was “Finally, I believe that my next hundred days will be so successful I will be able to complete them in 72 days. And on the 73rd day, I will rest.” Surely this man thinks he is godlike.

So it shouldn’t be ironic that his followers turn a blind eye to his arrogance and rhetoric. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king! In this case, the one eyed man is Obama but he is in no way a king. But don’t tell Barack Hussein Obama.


One comment on “All Hail the King has arrived!

  1. Anonymous
    June 4, 2009

    admittedly, Obama's iconic status is a bit scary. Downtown Chicago was decked out with those Che Guevara portraits of him for months. Obama is really just a well packaged product. He sold well to Americans and now he's selling abroad. Eventually, that new car smell will fade. Ultimately, he's a politician. He will have to make bargains, concessions and deals that will eventually tarnish him. Do you think the UAW is idolizing him at this point? Was he their savior?

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