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Fast track passing those bills, we will figure out how to pay later!

While Obama’s popularity remains relatively high (plus 60% although the gap between approval and disapproval has narrowed from +56% at its peak to now +28%) the popularity of his policy agenda is losing steam fast. So what does Obama instruct Congress & Senate to do as fast as possible. Get a health care and climate bill on his desk before the summer break. Why? Because everyone old enough to vote or who is subject to paying federal income taxes understands that the economy is teetering with the onslaught of higher interest rates or hyperinflation just over the horizon. So, don’t let the fact that, as Obama recently said that “America is already out of money” get in the way of spending more money on an unproven science (more scientist dissenters of manmade global warming now than supporters) and a tried and true failure across all other socialist economies who dole out free health care. But we are America, surely we won’t fail at these experiments. Impossible!

Your taxes will certainly be increased to pay for this…but wait, in the recent health care bill currently moving forward the issue of how to pay for it is amazingly NOT IN THE BILL! I guess we will just figure it out as we go along. We can trust our government to do the right thing right? I mean look at how well they managed TARP and are so efficiently handling the Stimulus monies. Whew, we are in good hands, thank God. {Oh, sorry, I need to be more careful in thanking God aloud since home bible studies are now being shut down for worshiping the Savior as our president canceled and chose not to endorse the National Day of Prayer (in existence by every other president since Truman and made permanent by Reagan) but does go out of his way to proclaim June as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.”}

I digress…Wow, our government officials really do think we are dumb doesn’t it? Oh, I guess we are that stupid. We voted for these bums and we elected a non-leader with little to no experience of balancing anything but maybe a spinning basketball on his index finger to shepherd the greatest nation on the planet into tomorrow’s destiny. How bright our future must be with the inmates running the asylum that so long as the tax rebates, tax credits and other free government handouts continue to flow most of us won’t hold them accountable ?


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