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Henry Waxman – author of Cap and Trade bill

This post does not need much more detail other than to say, if you think that YOUR representative and those who represent YOU in Washington have any clue about what is in bills they pass…I point you to this Henry Waxman statement he made when asked a direct question from a chairperson on the committee for Cap & Trade. First and foremost, we have now learned that the TARP bill was voted on prior to ANYONE reading the full context of the bill. The Stimulus package and subsequent Budget Bills were not vetted prior to the vote. All this amidst Obama’s transparency pledge. As a show of ‘in your face’ politics that your beloved DC representatives demonstrated, they hired a speed reader who could read a page every 7 1/2 seconds aloud to the committee. Are you freaking kidding me? Is this a “I will show you to question my authority” or what? Wake up America, your politicans take you for a joke and they just played you a fool on camera. Did you buy it or will you stand up and demand more of those you elect to represent you?

Waxman, was directly asked by the chairperson to his left, “Before I ask this question of counsel did you know thiw was in this bill?” Waxman’s response will leave you breathless if you have any wits about you whatsoever. His response, “You asking me? Well, I certainly don’t claim to know everything in this bill. I know that we left it to…we relied very heavily on the scientists, on the IPCC and others on the consensus that they have that there is a problem of global warming thats having an impact and we need to try and reduce it by the amounts that they think we need to achieve in order to avoid some of the consequences. But I don’t know the details, I rely on the science.”

If this is the response that you want to hear from the person who chairs the committee for Obama and Pelosi on how we as a country address the US stance on carbon footprints, global warming and the US taxpayer’s pocketbook then you are doomed to live a life you were not brought into this world to desire. This is a pathetic response to a question especially when the ‘science’ that Waxman refers to is in fact NOT SCIENCE. If it were, then it would not be disputed.

This is another attempt to catch the US citizen when they are not looking and pass a huge tax increase that even if the legislation is successful will reduce global temps by less than one half of 1 percent over the next 50 years. Yet, the government needs to find as much money as it can to pay for its liberal left wing agenda and they are suckering you into paying for it. When will you wake up and realize what is happening to our country. Stop blaming republicans and Bush for all your problems and realize that its the DC elite who own you yet you can take your country back. Or, as so many very dear to me believe, “we can’t do anything about it so who cares?” I am sure the spirit of Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and all those who died in battle to make this country the most blessed nation in the history of the world would weep at your weakness. Those liberals who’s hatred of Bush makes them believe that they can usher in change that in hindsight will be to the detriment of the country will only be able to blame themselves. It will no longer be Bush’s fault although I am positive that all liberals and secularists will still say that the their buy in to these liberal progressive ideals was only brought on because of 8 years of Bush and if not for those 8 years they would not have done so. In other words they are saying, ‘Its really me who is at fault for this but it makes me feel better to pass blame on to someone who I feel that if not for my hatred for them that I would not feel this way.’ Yeah, that will make you feel better years from now. Hatred does never brew success, it only brews contempt. Sooner or later each of those who act only to say that the ‘last 8 years were an utter failure’ will have to own up to their own demise. Enjoy the fall America. Its your day to make a difference.


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