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Kim Jong Il – 2, U.S. – 0

Is it ironic that John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the U.N. (although democrats never allowed his appointment), titled his May 20th op-ed piece in the WSJ “Get Ready for Another North Korean Nuke Test”? Then why did the Obama administration admit that they only learned of the attack ‘one-hour’ prior to the test? And just two weeks ago, the Obama administration’s special envoy for disarmament talks with North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, said during a visit to Asian capitals that “everyone is feeling relatively relaxed about where we are at this point in the process…there is not a sense of crisis.” Maybe ‘relaxed’ was mistaken for arrogance. And to this president the North Korean ‘crisis’ does not equate to what Obama feels is a real ‘crisis’, like global warming and healthcare. This president portrays to believe that every leader across the globe will sit down with him and hash out their differences. Once he is finished apologizing for U.S. behavior and foreign policy lo’ these last 3 centuries, of course.

During the Clinton years we ended up giving NK billions of dollars in aid as agreement that they would adhere to international pressure to suspend nuclear proliferation. On July 4th 2006, North Korea failed, comparatively, to test a nuclear weapon in a capacity that would put it on the world stage of being able to produce large scale nukes. And the game was played right into this tyrant’s hands. U.S. and China initially took a strong stand and stepped up sanctions and tough rhetoric only to back down by providing aid and recognition that N. Korea would dismantle its nuclear weapons program. As John Bolton said then, ‘they will not dismantle their weapons programs or cease in their attempt to create a long range nuclear device.’ Despite the criticism from his own Ambassador, Bush removed N. Korea from the ‘state sponsored terrorist list.’ Bush, yielding to democratic pressure, agreed to trilateral talks and even 6 party talks that NK used to their benefit to buy them time to upgrade their weapons systems and uranium enrichment program. Now, on Memorial Day 2009, NK tests an underground nuke with same kilotons as nagasaki and hiroshima bombs and subsequently fired 2 straight days of medium and long term missiles as if to say to the world “we have nukes and will sell to the highest bidder.” Iran are you listening? Subsequent to that, KJ Il removed U.N. inspectors from

Military action is now a very remote possibility since nuclear weapons are now in the hands of N. Korea and its rogue dictator. This is what the world gets for allowing the U.N. and the waste of its existence to continue to write ‘legally binding resolutions’ toward countries who are oppressive regimes consistently acting in contrast to international treaties. Much like Saddam Hussein did in Iraq, now its Jim Kong Il’s turn to play the U.N. for the fool. The UN will keep convening its very soft Security Counsel and issuing statements condemning such tests. In April, the U.N. Security Counsel condemned another N. Korea luanch with tighter sanctions. It apparently didn’t work. Does anyone take the U.N. seriously anymore? And why do they have a Security Counsel if resolutions they make are constantly broken? To quote Obama’s famous diatribe from his campaign, his statements regarding NK are “just words.” There is absolutely no follow through with it. We will see if Obama decides to actually have a spine or will he bow to his ‘anti-war, pro-peace’ constituents and be soft? Not much has worked from either Clinton, Bush or Obama up to this point.

Obama’s ‘words’ were in no way a strong statement. Where is Reagan when this country needs a real leader during tough economic and international times?


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