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Obama and "Values & Morals"

Can someone tell me what ‘morals and values’ America broke in its war on terror to save innocent American lives? And can Obama really lecture America about honoring its values and morals when he sends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to foreign shores to be used for aborting innocent babies? Or, how about his voting ‘present’ while serving in the IL senate on a bill allowing partial birth abortion to be legal that he helped sponsor and write? How about his appointing the governor of Kansas- Sebellius to be the head of the HHS dept who just days before being nominated rejected a bill that would end late term abortions and her record shows a very liberal stance on abortion issues. And lastly, Obama’s federal funding of embryonic stem cell research despite many breakthroughs occuring in the medical field in recent years where many are now saying that we don’t need to kill innocent embryo’s to get the breakthroughs we need.

Does it seem that he really holds morals and values at heart? Someone should tell Obama to leave his ivory colored glass house before he decides to lecture (or read from his teleprompter) us on what this great country was founded upon and the morals and values that this country holds dear.

Dear Mr. President, stop killing innocent babies and lecturing us on the morals of holding prisoners, who mostly were on the battlefield to kill our soldiers in the name of Jihad, while putting 3 of these prisoners through what you view as torture despite the fact that we waterboard thousands of our own soldiers before they go off to battle. If it were torture, would we do it to on our own soldiers? I think not!

What a self-righteous and arrogant speech. Not to mention that the hall in which you gave it in doesn’t allow camera flashes and high intensity light. Yet, what did you do? You dishonored that long standing policy and allowed (for your own grandstanding and staging) the media and their barage of cameras to get awesome photo ops of you in front of our founding document not to mention the intense lighting to be shined down upon you and the ‘aging parchment’ you stood in front of. What a hypocrite and someone who is not worthy to lecture on morals and values. Come down from the perch Obama and live with the rest of God’s creation and stop acting like you control the earth’s rotation and can dictate how humanity lives.

And lastly, please stop making America look like the bad guy and apologizing for the morals and values in which you say you hold in high regard.


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