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Maher, Garofalo, Olbermann pay attention!

For as much as you and your ilk want to rail on Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and Levin about how ‘off the planet’ they are…have you listened to yourselves lately? Tomorrow morning when they wake up they should take a long look in the mirror, study the wrinkles, the gray hair, the imperfections that they undoubtedly wear underneath the makeup.

Bill Maher – doesn’t believe anyone should be personally responsible for their actions and that they should just feel free to do what they please. Well, of course, except Bush/Cheney, etc., who seems to have made decisions that impacted his life. So while Bill feels that he can make whatever choices he wants regardless of the consequences, to the contrary any person that makes decisions that end up adversely affecting him should be prosecuted since they screwed up his life. Kind of nutty. Listen to his program and you will hear a delusional man who should have secular progressive, more power to ACLU and George Soros rules inked to his body. He probably does actually.

Keith Olbermann – His program was about to get canceled for poor, poor ratings back in 2006 but then he jumped on the ‘hate Bush’ bandwagon and went on a tirade that was anti-Bush. This tirade was picked up on you tube and every liberal news show in America. Finally, crazy lefties had a voice. Olbermann then would start and end his show each night with anti-Bush rhetoric. He has picked a fight with Bill O’Reilly that he is losing miserably but he feels he is winning. Too bad the ratings tell a much grimmer story for Mr. Olbermann. So while his ratings have picked up since the lights were about to go out in studio 7, they are still dismal. But what else does MSNBC have to hang their hat on? Rachel Maddow? She smacks of a skater punk who couldn’t hack it in a man’s world so she cross dresses as a woman but kept the Gator and G&S gear from the 80’s. What a dimwit she is. Again, the only basis for her show is ‘dog and smear Bush, Cheney, Rove and any republican you can fit into your hour long program.’

Chris Matthews – Oh, you mean the man who hated Obama and was firmly in the Clinton camp about this time last year. Then when it was obvious that Obama would win the dem nod he turned on Hill about as fast as Obama turned on Rev. Wright. You can you tube CM berating a supporter of Obama by continuing to ask, “Tell me something he has done. You have nothing.” Then in a blink of an eye he says that Obama ‘gives me a tingling feeling up my leg.’ Well, it appears when the Imelt and NBC bosses tell him to saddle back onto what they want his spineless being doesn’t ask questions but just says ‘so long as my paycheck stays the same I will compromise anything to stay the voice of NBC.’ Case in point, his latest stupid rant and line of questioning this past Sunday on his morning show. What a dope. And he used to be somewhat credible, but that was about 5+ years ago now.

Garofalo, on Oblermann’s how said that anyone who attended a Tea Party were “a bunch of teabagging rednecks,” adding “this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up.” Did Olbermann, as a responsible journalist would have, stop her in her tracks and have her back off her statements, ala Bill O’Reilly? Not a chance. Did MSNBC issue a public statement denouncing Garofalo’s statements as over the top or not representative of NBC or its parent company, GE? Nope. In fact, Jeffrey Imelt who was speaking at the GE stockholders meeting was asked in front of everyone about this exact issue and he did all he could to dance around the subject. Imelt is on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and GE will profit huge from Cap and Trade legislation as well as government run health care (see

However, here is Garofalo speaking about the right to speak out and offer dissent. Conflicting isn’t it? I guess it matters whether the person is speaking out for something that she believes in or not.

So while Rush, Savage, Levin, Hannity and Colter say some stupid things, let’s be honest, what the left parades out is just as stupid. I am open to debate on this topic for anyone who wants to debate the merits of what the pundits on the left/right speak about each day. Feel free to add your comments below.

Is it any wonder why Fox News crushes, literally crushes, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC combined in every time slot between 5 PM – 10 PM (EST & PST)? Fox News ranks #2 among ALL cable channels in primetime. CNN is 14th and MSNBC is 19th. In daytime, Fox was #4 while CNN was 17th and MSNBC was 29th. In fact, Fox News dominates 24/7 news morning, noon and night. If the country was really that liberal then you would think that MSNBC wouldn’t be dead last when news shows compete head to head at CNN, Fox and MSNBC.


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