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$384k and no photos?

It was learned today that the Obama administration, who created panic with a F-16 chaperoned ‘photo-op fly over’ of AF1, does not know where the photos are but we do know that it cost the American taxpayer over $380,000. So if the photos cannot be viewed by the taxpayer who paid for the fly over then isn’t it our right under the freedom of information act to have these posted on MSNBC and CNN since its was them and the ACLU who so badly wanted the interrogation memo’s leaked. What is more hurtful to national security, leaking CIA interrogation memo’s or photos of our presidents plane flying over NYC? Now, with all the hoopla over the shenanigans pulled that day by Obama and his administration, in particular Obama coming out and saying he knew nothing about it, it bares asking…who is running the show in D.C.?

Do all sitting presidents allow their plane (owned by the taxpayer) to be borrowed for photo op events without the president knowing? So what happens if King Abdullah calls Barry O and says, “I need to see you right away and it cannot wait. Gas up your plane and meet me in Uzbekistan.” Does BHO have to say, ‘Sorry King Paula Abdul but my plane is being used to fly over and scare the hell out of a city of 15 million unsuspecting innocent civilians just so we can get some cool photos of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background. Can we make it for tomorrow when the rental is returned?’

This is a disgrace and its telling that Robert Gibbs, the white house press secretary, who looked as if he knew the question was going to be asked but couldn’t hide and end the daily briefing quick enough. This administration has dropped the ball on so many things and flip flopped on more issues in one week than Clinton did in one month (and that is saying something). It leads the sane person to ask, just who is the president of the United States and where is his lead following? Notice the subtle play on words there.


3 comments on “$384k and no photos?

  1. sandune45
    May 6, 2009

    Poor Robert Gibbs stumbles in his speech (of course, he doesn’t have a telepromter) and hardly ever knows the answer to a question…he will get back to you on that…. I don’t think anyone knows what the other person is doing…how pathetic is that?

  2. Volunteer Beacon
    May 6, 2009

    I just realized that the last two people who approved jumbo jet flyovers of NYC were a muslim named Osama and a closet muslim named Obama. Is that a coincidence?

  3. sandune45
    May 8, 2009

    Good observation….

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