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Uh…Um…Uh, its…Uh…Call that a press conference?

The media love fest for the great one named Barack Obama continued tonight at the White House press conference. Mr. Obama is a very good teleprompter speaker. He absolutely is terrible speaking on the cuff. My ears went numb with all the ‘uh’s’ and ‘um’s’ during his speech. At least under Bush we just listened to crickets while he gathered his thoughts. Say what you will about Bush, but at least he didn’t mumble and stumble around on answering questions by bloviating! But Bush surely mumbled and stumbled but he also didn’t have to pause for 30 seconds while the teleprompter operator had to catch up to where the president was in his speech. That’s embarrassing! What’s more embarrassing is that the press who loved to grill Bush lob such softball questions to this president. Obama walked off that stage, made a left at the first hallway and was high fiving Rahm Emanuel because they know that they have the media in their back pocket. If it wasn’t for Fox, WSJ and to some degree CBS asking tough questions we would continuously get ‘enchantment’ questions asked to the leader of the free world.

It astonishes me that the 5 finalists for Miss USA gets asked tougher questions than the leader of the free world. It wasn’t Ms. North Carolina who tripled our budget deficit in her first 90 days of receiving her crown. It wasn’t Ms. Utah who released, selectively, secret CIA memos but has promised to outlaw interrogation techniques that resulted in American lives being saved and then flip flopped on whether prosecutions are in order for those who interpreted the law. It wasn’t Ms. California who has gone soft on Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah (gaza/syria) and Venezuela but instead has shown remorse for America’s behavior toward them then watched Iran prosecute an American journalist and NK test fire a missile. It wasn’t Ms. Arizona who wants full control of the banking sector, the rail lines, the automakers, the healthcare system and make a college education an entitlement. It wasn’t Ms. Kentucky who is handing our children a debt to which they cannot repay. So how about asking Obama questions that centered around these topics instead of asking him about how ‘enchanting’ it is to be president? Obama’s first 100 days has been strong on rhetoric and very weak on leadership. If you follow rhetoric then you have a ‘thrill up your leg’ like Chris Matthews does over Obama.

What’s more astounding is that one question about gay marriage can be answered the exact same way and one person wins the white house and the other loses a beauty pageant. Our nation has truly become a comedy of errors being run by the inmates. Who runs the asylum? Sadly, its ‘We the people’ since we keep electing these baffoons and letting them get away with it. It’s time we stand up as a nation and have our leaders take ownership for their actions.


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