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Card Check and Big Labor!

Every election cycle the people of America go to the polls and vote in secrecy. It’s not defined in the constitution of the land that this is so, however, its up to the individual to decide if he/she want to disclose whom they voted for. It is uniformally agreeable that there is not someone standing over them to intimidate a specific person to vote a certain way. And if there is then there are people that chronicle the ‘voter intimidation’ taking place and election officials remove those people who are intimidating individuals.

“Card check–the most radical revision of labor law since 1935–would allow unions to do away with secret ballots, a fundamental right in a democracy, and unionize companies simply by coaxing, cajoling or coercing a majority of workers into signing a card. It came alarmingly close to being enacted last year when the House overwhelmingly passed the fraudulently named Employee Free Choice Act. The Republican minority in the Senate eventually filibustered the legislation” writes Shikha Dalmia for Barack Obama–who was one of the co-sponsors of the legislation–has already declared that he will make card check “the law of the land when I’m president of the United States.” Is it any surprise that Big Labor is pumped almost $400 million to elect him and his fellow Democrats–likely the single largest buying spree ever by an interest group.

Fast forward to today, many ‘Big Labor’ politicians like Obama, Pelosi and Reid want to pass ‘Card Check’ and use the guise of ‘workers rights’ to get the American people to be in support of it. Well Washington D.C. brass, many of us are too smart for your political gamesmanship acts. If this passes an individuals rights to vote without fear of intimidation are removed. Like on the healthcare issue our politicians try to get you to sympathize with some ailing person in need of medical attention or in this case a worker who doesn’t have the same ‘workers rights’ as those un-unionized workers. This way they, like a magician, get you to focus on one hand while the other is stealing your wallet. The devil is in the details and with as far left as this administration has taken us our individual rights are about the only thing we have remaining. Our sovereignty is slowly dwindling away and this bill would help strip many in the workplace’s sovereignty. Do everyone in America a favor and tell your congressman to vote “NO” on this bill.

Big Labor has helped cause the collapse of GM/Chrysler. FedEx and Caterpillar threaten that if Big Labor wins ‘Card Check’ that it will lead to unemployment and canceled equipment orders. This is not an idle threat but a reality. If Card Check passes expect to pay more for goods since the costs to produce those goods will increase under unionized labor (see GM/Chrysler for example). Not a very good scenario in the current economy. If Card Check passes expect to see more layoffs as companies will have to cut expenses (meaning ‘payroll’). If Card Check passes expect to see a further deterioration of the economy as companies will look for alternative ways (offshore) to manufacture goods. So to reiterate, if Card Check passes you can expect companies to cut payroll, unemployment will increase, jobs will be shipped overseas and the cost of goods will increase regardless. Sounds like a good tonic for the pandemic we are currently experiencing in our once great nation. Hopefully you can sense the sarcasm in that last sentence.

Martin Sheen, who played a politician (admirably, I might add) on tv and is part of a Union, is in favor or ‘Card Check.’ However, what Martin fails to tell you is that in his union they vote ‘secretly.’ Hmmm…maybe he should push his union to vote openly and under intimidation before he becomes an advocate of this bill. Again, its the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ mentality that infects so many of the hollywood and political elite.

The unintended consequences of this bill could be dire.


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